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Services page. Vinny Pinto is a spiritual healer.  

He is highly intuitive and offers non-contact spiritual healing.

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What Are Vinny's Specialities?

We have assumed in the the following discourse that you have already read the basic information on Vinny's method on the home page (aka main page or index page).  If not, we strongly suggest that you read that page first, although some of the material may be reproduced below!

Vinny has sometimes been asked the following question:

"What are your specialities -- any particular conditions or challenges?"

Vinny's answer is that his work is not reductionistic but rather global and spiritual, and therefore does not depend upon any particular condition or diagnosis, and he does not need to know about any particular condition or diagnosis to successfully support a person at the level of spirit.  He feels that he has been guided by Holy Spirit to practice his spiritual healing work with a very wide range of people, including those who:

  • feel rather healthy
  • may have some physical challenges, "illnesses" or injuries
  • may have some emotional or mental challenges or "disorders"
  • who may be facing a spiritual crisis
  • may be experiencing obsessive/compulsive behavior, including substance abuse
  • recognize that they may have entities or spirits in their aura or energy body, sometimes known as spirit possession or entity possession
  • who recognize that they have intuitive or healing abilities which they wish to manage or increase.  In other words: clients who are healers, teachers or intuitives themselves and who wish assistance in managing, accessing or mastering these abilities, or in potentiating these abilities.  This has emerged as one of Vinny's primary specialties.

However, he has been instructed by Holy Spirit and his angels (and this has been reinforced by insights shared by a gifted intuitive) that certain situations or "conditions" are ones in which he might be most highly successful in supporting clients.  These conditions or situations seem to be:

  • emotional problems, particularly depression/anxiety 
  • spiritual crises or times of transition or opening
  • sense of lack of love in life and heart
  • sense of loss of "flow" or "juiciness" in life
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Lyme disease
  • post-surgical patients
  • clients who have experienced loss of function of a body part
  • clients who have experienced loss of a body part
  • clients with musculo-skeletal problems which limit movement or performance
  • clients who have experienced major surgical removal of tissue or organs
  • clients who have faced or are facing heart surgery
  • clients who feel that have entities or possessing spirits in their energy body or aura.  This is sometimes known as spirit possession or entity possession, and the removal of the entity, entities, or spirits is often known variously as spirit depossession, entity depossession, or spirit releasement.
  • clients who are healers, teachers or intuitives themselves and who wish assistance in managing, accessing or mastering these abilities, or in potentiating these abilities.  This has emerged as one of Vinny's primary specialties - many of his clients turn out to be healers and intuitives seeking to increase their access to Spirit/God. 

And Now, A Note About a "Freebie" Service for
Receiving Divine Love and Grace from Vinny

Vinny has been contacted repeatedly across the years since the year 2000 by persons who had visited his spiritual healing website and who did not necessarily want to request a remote spiritual healing from him at that time, or who perhaps felt that they could not afford the fees for a remote spiritual healing at that time, but they stated that they nonetheless wished that Vinny could, and would, consider offering some kind of low-cost or zero-cost way that they could more directly experience the flow of Divine love and grace that they sensed flowing through him. In fact, a number of those persons mentioned that they could feel the flow of Divine love and grace coming through the small photographs of Vinny found on his spiritual healing website, and they stated that they "wanted more".

As you likely already know from having read the main page on this spiritual healing website, Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for Divine love and grace, into this world. It is this flow of Divine love and grace that some people sense, and that led to the requests from visitors to Vinny's spiritual healing website that have been described above. Partially in response to those requests, as of early 2013, Vinny was guided by Divinity to create a page on his spiritual healing website that will feature a large and specially-blessed photograph of him. This specially-blessed photograph will allow those who wish to receive the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through him to connect and to receive this flow of love and grace, free of charge, whenever they choose to visit the page. If you are interested in being a recipient of this entirely free-of-charge flow of Divine love and grace, please feel free to visit the page by clicking here.

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