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Links page. Vinny Pinto is a remote (non-local) spiritual healer, also sometimes known as a metaphysical healer, esoteric healer or mystical healer. This is remote healing, also known as distant healing, distance healing, non-local (or nonlocal) healing. 

Vinny is highly intuitive and offers heart-centered non-contact, non-local spiritual healing at a distance, as well as spiritual coaching. 

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At this time, I have several books on spiritual healing and spiritual development on the back burner, but none of these projects are far enough along in their development to allow me to offer them for sale even on a pre-publication (pre-release) basis.  

Classes and Seminars  

Unfortunately, I must agree with Joel Goldsmith that spiritual healing cannot really be taught, at least not in the way that remote (aka distant) energy healing (e.g. the work of Qi Gong [aka Chi Kung] healers, the work of energy healer Barbara Brennan, and as exemplified in her book Hands of Light, or the related work of Rosalyn Bruyere) is taught.  No, true spiritual healing which is done only at the spiritual level, while it is potentially available to all persons, is essentially a gift from Spirit/God/Source, and cannot be imparted by any number of courses, degrees or diplomas. Rather, it is a gift imparted by Spirit, and only a person can know within -- on a deep inner level -- when and if they are asked to be a spiritual healer. So, yes it is possible to offer courses in energy healing and other more "technical" and "effort-based" forms of remote healing, and it is possible for someone to become at least moderately proficient in such arts by taking such courses, but any real course in true spiritual healing would, of necessity, need to be full-time and would need to last -- much as Joel Goldsmith has said -- for at least six to ten years. And, even then, such a course would really only enable those who already had been marked by Spirit to have this gift.  This is not to say that the more technical or "energy" forms are not spiritual as well -- and, indeed some practitioners of such arts work on this level as well -- but they primarily involve effort, will or intent, and actual technical work.

However, what I do offer in terms of seminars or tutoring on spiritual healing are the possibilities outlined below:

  • I do offer, for selected clients (by application only), and only for those who have first had at least one conventional remote spiritual healing treatment, a customized two-session remote "treatment" aimed at increasing, deepening and improving any already-existing healing abilities, both in the realms of energy healing and spiritual healing.  This treatment is listed on the How to Request Healing page of this website as "Healer and Intuitive Empowerment"
  • Yes, it is true that a seminar or class in spiritual (not energy) healing can help you to develop and deepen an existing gift of spiritual healing.
  • At the present time, I do not currently offer any live classes or seminars in this realm, due largely to other commitments and to guidance from Spirit.
  • However, if you are interested in such live training, I can offer you two possibilities, and each are classes offered by trusted healer colleagues whom I deeply respect. The classes are listed in the section immediately below...

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