Spiritual Healing with Vinny Pinto

Vinny Pinto is a remote spiritual healer, also sometimes known as a distant spiritual healer.  

He is highly intuitive and offers non-contact, nonlocal spiritual healing at a distance.

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Contacting Vinny

A Note From Vinny:
If you have decided to request a remote spiritual healing, you may find instructions on how to do so on the following page on this site: How to Request a Healing. However, before you decide whether to ask for a remote spiritual healing, I strongly urge you to be sure that it is not simply your mind that wants to ask for the healing service, and rather, I ask that you check with your Heart and inner guidance/intuition to determine whether this is really the right time and place to ask me for a remote spiritual healing (or other related service).

After having done this, if you still have questions about my work, or questions about whether this is the right time to ask me for remote spiritual healing, and if you wish to speak with me for about five minutes to discuss the matter further, you may use the link below to prepay $200 for a five-minute chat with me to discuss any of your questions or concerns. Please understand that this $200 payment for a 5 minute chat where you can ask me questions about my work is not a payment for a "mini-healing", nor for a mini/quick intuitive reading, but rather, it gives you a chance to hear my voice and to ask me any questions about my work so that you can better decide whether you wish to request a remote spiritual healing at this time.

Once I have received the cleared funds for the five-minute consultation, you are then free to call me using my phone number (see below). Please be advised that all such brief consulting chats must be prepaid, and the prepaid fee for the consultation/chat, while it may be used at any time over the next 12 months once it has been paid, is non-refundable and non-returnable, even if you do not call or if the call should end before the full five minute period has been completely used. Click here to make a $200 payment for a five-minute chat and to see a list of accepted payment methods.  (This link opens in a new browser tab.)

Briefly -- How to Request Remote Healing

To learn more about services available, terms and rates, and/or to request healing or other services, please see the How to Request Remote Spiritual Healing page.


Vinny normally asks that clients call only from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern time (USA), seven days per week:

Notice: This phone # is only for use of current clients. For all strangers, and for all persons who have not yet been accepted into an ongoing working relationship with Vinny, then please do NOT attempt to contact him via phone, and rather, please make initial contact only via private email (see below).

Vinny's mailing address:


Email address: email image
Note: Vinny does not engage in lengthy email exchanges. No healing requests via email.

Contact information above is in image files that are not readable by spam robots. If you cannot see the images, you will want to enable "see images" on your browser. And, as an alternative option, Vinny's email address follows in encoded text in a format which is not readable by spam robots:

vinny [999] at aliencamel (dot) [666] com

To convert the text above to a real email address, remove all the stuff in brackets, remove all spaces, and convert "at" to the "at" symbol (i.e. @), and (dot) to a dot (i.e., a "." ) and put it together to form an email address.

To learn more about Vinny, his informational websites and the various services which he offers, please feel free to check out the Vinny Pinto Central Directory website, at http://www.vinnypinto.us 

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