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A Note About Legacy Remote Spiritual Services Previously Offered by Vinny

Some information regarding some remote (aka distance) spiritual services previously offered by Vinny and still available to select long-term clients. 

Starting early in the year 2001, and lasting until early February of 2017, Vinny had offered via this website certain spiritual services other than the (live, aka in-person) private darshan time service that he still offers. These other services had all been remote (aka, at a distance) services, and included the following remote spiritual services: spiritual blessing service, spiritual healing service, and one or two other related remote spiritual services, and, for other than low-income charity clients, each of these remote services was fee-based, with a prepaid fee required.

However, Vinny ultimately was asked by Divine guidance to largely curtail these services by early 2017, because in all cases, he had noticed that in-person (aka live) private darshan time with him was far more effective, deeper and long-lasting, and offered greater spiritual benefit for the client, than any of the remote spiritual services.

However, it is also true that since the cessation of offering these above-mentioned remote spiritual services to most clients and prospective clients, Vinny has continued to offer remote spiritual blessing and remote spiritual healing services to long-term clients who had accrued at least 6 hours of (live, in-person) private darshan time with him, and who had also paid for a total of at least $7,000 worth of any of Vinny's spiritual services in the period between January 2007 and March 2023.

He continues to make the remote spiritual services available to legacy clients who meet the above-cited qualifications, although all requests by qualified legacy clients for such remote spiritual services must be screened and approved by him on a case-by-case basis; this is because the reality is that in a great many cases, live private darshan time with Vinny would be far more effective for the client.

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