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This Page is Currently Disabled. It Has Been Disabled Because Sufficient Donations Have Not Been Received Over the Last Year to Support the Page

Acting upon Divine guidance, I first started this page in early 2013. The amount of inner spiritual work needed to support this page, and to flow Divine love and grace to all sincere visitors who come seeking it, is quite immense, and thus this page is largely a work of charity, as has been the case since its inception in early 2013. In fact, until August of 2017, when Divine guidance asked me to start asking for $1,650 per month to help support my work in operating the page, I never asked for any donations to support this page, and I operated the page 100% as a work of charity, and since August of 2017, it has been supported about 85% by my own charitable efforts, and about 15% by donations.

So, as matters currently stand, Divine guidance has specified that since August of 2017, I must receive donations (that is, monetary gifts) totaling at least $1,650 per month for this page to remain active on the Internet. As of this time, sufficient donations have not been received, and thus I have been asked by Divine guidance to disable the page. If you would like to see the last date on which the page was fully operational and available, please see the section located immediately below my signature at the end of this letter.

Incidentally, if and when the page should ever be disabled (as is currently the case) due to lack of sufficient donations, and then if additional donation funds earmarked for the support of this page are received only after it has been disabled, those funds will be placed in a reserve fund until the total amount funds received is sufficient to support the page for at least one month ($1,650), at which point the page will be reactivated (at least for the funded period of time).

If you should wish to make a donation toward my spiritual work that is the spiritual force behind this page, you will find a link below for a donation page on this website.

Please note again that the above-cited figure of $1,650 that must be received per month to keep this page active is actually only a small fraction of true cost, effort, and wear and tear that operating this page entails for me on the inner spiritual level, and thus this page is largely a work of charity, as has been the case since its inception in 2013.

Thank you!

Vinny Pinto

- - - - - -

This page was last active (that is, it was sufficiently funded by donations through): September 21, 2020 (please note that the date displayed here includes a 4-day grace period added to the actual funded-through date).

Last updated on December 18, 2021.


If you should wish to send a donation to help reactivate this service, you will find one or more links on the Support page (linked) that will allow you to do so.

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