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Heads-Up Note From Vinny: This Page Will Soon Be Disabled
I was originally asked almost 5 years ago by Divinity to put this page on the web to offer this free-of-charge charity service and I was advised at the time that it was being offered by the Divine, and by me, as an experiment. Part of the experiment was to see if the page, and my daily ongoing spiritual work that supports it, would receive sufficient support in terms of donations made to me to support the page.

Well, while I have heard, across the years, from plenty of page visitors who told me that they appreciated the page and had received benefit from visiting it, and while others have even told me that they visit this page regularly because of the spiritual benefit that it offers, the donations have been few and far between, while, on the other hand, my inner spiritual workload due to the existence of the page (and its daily visitors) has only increased over the years due to an ever-increasing flow of page visitors.

Thus, I have recently been guided by Supreme Heart, Divine Mother and Holy Spirit to disable this page on March 27, 2018, due to lack of financial support in the form of donations. Of course, if I should start to receive a much greater flow of donations to support this page (and my inner spiritual work that renders it effective), and if those donations reach a sufficient level, and if those donations continue each month, then I will be able to leave this page "on the air" and will not need to disable it and remove it from service on March 27.

If you should wish to make a donation toward my spiritual work that is the spiritual force behind this page, you will find a link below for a donation page on this website.

Thank you!

Vinny Pinto
August 15, 2017

Last updated on February 22, 2018.

Introduction, and How to Use this Page
Vinny is a spiritual guide, teacher and coach and a remote spiritual healer (please rest assured that Vinny
is not a guru, does not claim to be a guru, and he neither condones nor recommends the whole circus involving gurus and their disciples and followers). While he is also a trained engineer and scientist with a graduate degree (Master's) in his field, Vinny is, first and foremost, a mystic. He has been a mystic since a very early age, and has had numerous enlightenment experiences across the years. He has lived his life in surrender to Divinity since 1997, and he was asked by Divinity in the year 2000 to start offering his services as a remote spiritual healer and spiritual coach/guide/teacher. Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for the flow of Divine love and grace, into this world.

If you, like many persons who have asked, are not able to spend time near Vinny in person, but would like nonetheless to have a chance to possibly receive some of the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through Vinny, then please feel free to spend a few minutes on this page, and to gaze, as you wish, at the blessed photograph of Vinny above; this will allow you to possibly connect with the flow of Divine love and grace
 that comes into our world through Vinny on an inner level.

This service is offered entirely free of charge, and you are welcome to visit, and use, this page as often as you wish. And, if you should wish to send a donation for this service, you will find one or more links on the Support page (linked) that will allow you to do so.

Please realize that some persons who visit this page hoping to receive the flow of Divine love and grace through Vinny will be able to do so, and some will not. And others may not feel it or sense the flow of Divine love and grace directly, but they may nonetheless notice that their lives become more grace-filled, more easeful, more peaceful, and less filled with chaos, drama and dis-ease, in the wake of having visited this page
 (the effects may likely be noticed most intensely in the hours and days after having last visited this page).

For those who cannot feel the flow of Divine love and grace and who also do not experience any other beneficial spiritual effects from this page, there is no blame and no fault on anyone's part; and rather, such inability to sense or receive the flow at this time is simply due to karmic and samsaric inheritance. If you fall into that category, you are always welcome to try visiting this page again at some time in the future, at a time when perhaps your heart and body/mind may be more receptive.

Whether you feel that this page is of benefit to you or not, it is offered freely by Vinny at the request of Divinity, and you are free to partake of the page as you wish, whenever you wish, as often as you may wish.

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How to Maximize Your Chances of Receiving the Flow of Divine Love and Grace
Here are some tips for maximizing your chances of receiving the flow of Divine love and grace, and for maximizing the effects of this flow in your life and in your heart:
  • it will be very helpful if you can be willing to let go of worry, fear, struggle and wanting/trying to control everything in your life, and instead surrender all of the perceived problems, challenges and difficulties in your life to Divinity for handling. It is particularly helpful if you can surrender all fears and worries to Divinity for handling. This is really much the same wisdom as expressed in the old phrase "Let go and let God".
  • it will be very helpful if you can realize, and remember, that your mind (aka the local mind, the ego), although it wishes to editorialize about everything and wants to control everything, is not really in charge of your life and life direction. Rather, Divinity is in charge of your life, and if you can just let your mind get out of the way, then Divine love and grace can start to direct, organize and shape your life. On the other hand, due to the universal Divine laws regarding free will, so long as your local mind (aka "the ego") is trying to control everything, Divinity stands aside and allows the mind to try to run the whole show. Unfortunately, this does not work out very well, for when the mind tries to control life, it's much akin to a fish trying to swim upstream.
  • it will be very helpful when looking at the photograph, if you can do so with an open heart and if you can temporarily suspend disbelief, cynicism and skepticism; no one is asking you to believe anything until and unless you experience some effects or results, but, on the other hand, it is very helpful if you can at least suspend disbelief and skepticism, and keep an open heart and an open mind during the time that you view the photograph.
Some Background on This Page
Vinny has been contacted repeatedly across the years since about the year 2000 by a number of persons who fall into one or more of the categories listed below:
  • people who have visited his spiritual healing website and who did not necessarily want to request a remote spiritual healing from him at that time, or who perhaps felt that they could not afford the fees for a remote spiritual healing at that time, but who wanted some other way of connecting with Vinny.
  • people who have contacted Vinny and asked for permission to visit with him in person, so that they could experience directly the flow of Divine love and grace from being in his presence (some reported that they knew of this flow of Divine grace on an inner level, while others had received suggestions from any of various energy healers, spiritual healers, intuitives or psychics from across the world that they connect with Vinny). For the vast majority of these requesters, Vinny has, acting at the guidance of Divinity, and in order to preserve the privacy and quiet time that he needs in order to continue to function as a window for Divinity, been forced to refuse their requests, and has thus declined to meet with them.
  • people who have called Vinny, after having found his spiritual healing website, asking him if he could travel to their area/city so that he could perform a healing for their church or spiritual group. In some of the relatively rare cases where Vinny agreed to do so, the group requesting his visit felt that they could not afford to pay his travel-related expenses.
  • In a closely related vein to one of more of the categories above, numerous people have asked to be allowed to spend time near Vinny, to experience his Divinity, and to experience the clearing of inner mental and emotional gunk (i.e., negative mental and emotional patterns, thoughts and feelings, including long-term obsessions and/or compulsions), and also to be better able to forgive and let go of blames, grievances, anger and rage much easier. However, acting at the guidance of Divinity, Vinny has been forced to refuse most persons who have asked to be near him.
  • In fact, a number of these above-listed requesters mentioned that they could feel the flow of Divine love and grace coming through the small photographs of Vinny found on his spiritual healing website, and they stated that they "wanted more".
In each of the above-listed types of cases, it became increasingly obvious that there were people who wanted to experience being in the presence of Vinny, but who were unable to do so that time for any of a variety of reasons.

Divinity eventually guided Vinny to create this page, so that the persons who had asked, but who were not able to spend time near Vinny in person, would be able to have a chance to possibly receive some of the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through him.

How Others Have Described Vinny's Spiritual Work
From the year 2000 onward, when Vinny first started offering his remote spiritual healing, spiritual coaching and spiritual guide services, and more recently, as a number of observers have begun reporting what they feel is a flow of Divine love and grace coming through Vinny from Divinity, what he does has been described in quite varied ways by persons from different spiritual traditions and backgrounds.

While the most commonplace descriptions that have usually been applied to his work involve the terms spiritual healing, divine assistance and spiritual assistance, many observers, particularly those with a Christian background, have focused more on the fact that they feel that Holy Spirit is working through him. On the other hand, persons from Hindu, yoga and Buddhist backgrounds have been more inclined to describe his work as the flow of Divine love from Supreme Heart, or from the Boddhisattva Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva (saint) of compassion in Buddhist spiritual traditions. And, both Christians and Hindus have described what he does as being a channel for God's love, also known as Divine love.

Further, Divinity has advised Vinny that the primary reasons that he was asked to create this current page were so that people who were looking for free remote spiritual healing, or for free spiritual assistance (aka free Divine assistance), or, in effect, looking for a free "dose" or serving of God's grace, would have this resource available to them. And likewise, Vinny was advised by Divinity that this page would be useful for those folks who felt that they had reached the point where they were asking "Help me, God!" or "God, help me!"

In Closing
As was noted above, Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for Divine love and grace, into this world. It is this flow of Divine love and grace that some people sense or feel, and that led to the requests from visitors to Vinny's spiritual healing website that have been described above. Partially in response to those requests, as of early 2013, Vinny was guided by Divinity to create this page on his spiritual healing website. This page features a large and specially-blessed photograph of him. This specially-blessed photograph will allow those who wish to receive the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through him to connect and to receive this flow of love and grace, free of charge, whenever they choose to visit the page.

Feedback, Comments and/or Testimonials
If, after having visited this page, you would like to leave a comment, feedback or testimonial for Vinny about your experience with this page, please feel free to do so by sending an email to Vinny at the following email address: Please note that this is a special email address that is dedicated solely to receiving comments, feedback and testimonials about your experiences with this page. Messages sent to this email address will not be answered, and you cannot send healing requests to Vinny using this email address; any such requests received will be ignored (if you wish to request individual remote spiritual healing from Vinny, you must follow the steps outlined on the Requesting Healing page on this website). Please also be advised that some of the comments, feedback and testimonial emails sent to this address may be selected for use in a Comments and Testimonials section that may be added to this page at a later date. If we do post your comment, feedback or testimonial, please rest assured that your full name (first and last) and your email address will never be revealed on the website.

If You Should Desire More Intensive Spiritual Interaction with Vinny
If you should desire a more intensive spiritual interaction with Vinny than is afforded by this page, then you may wish to consider asking for permission to request individualized remote spiritual healing or spiritual coaching services from Vinny. If so, you are welcome to visit the Remote Spiritual Healing and Coaching Services page (linked) on this website.

If you should wish to send a donation for this service, you will find one or more links on the Support page (linked) that will allow you to do so.

A Note About the Availability of Pendants and Gemstones Blessed with Divine Grace by Vinny
In early 2013, Vinny was strongly asked by Divinity to create the Receiving Divine Love and Grace through Vinny webpage that you are visiting at this moment. Divinity also asked him, at the same time, to create yet another page on his spiritual healing website that would offer for sale pendants and polished gemstones (for use in carrying in a pocket, purse or wallet, or for placing in a special place, perhaps in a meditation room) that had been blessed with Divine Grace by Vinny (well, more accurately, by Divinity working through Vinny). If you wish to see the blessed pendants and polished stones, you are welcome to visit the webpage at

A Note About Vinny's Spiritual Flowing Grace Trips
Since 2010, Vinny has occasionally been asked by Divinity to make trips, usually 7 to 12 days in length, to various specific cities or regions within the US, where he stays in inexpensive lodging (the hotel or motel is almost always chosen by Divinity as well), and spends his days largely in rest and meditation. Vinny tends to call these trips Spiritual Flowing Grace trips; this is actually a name that was suggested by Divinity as perhaps most informative and useful in describing the intent or purpose of these trips. If you wish to learn more about these Spiritual Flowing Grace trips, or if you are considering asking Vinny to visit your area, region or city, please feel free to visit the Spiritual Flowing Grace Trip page (link) on this website.

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