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If you wish to make a donation to 
help support spiritual services offered by Vinny at the request of Divinity, please see below.  You may include a note with your donation indicating which category of spiritual work your donation is for. There are 3 categories:

1) Donations to Support Vinny's Remote Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Coaching Work

Donations to support Vinny's ongoing remote spiritual healing, spiritual coaching, and related spiritual work, including services rendered -- when and where Vinny has been guided to do so by Divinity -- to persons unable to pay the normal fee for remote spiritual healing or spiritual coaching services.

2) Donations to Support Vinny's Spiritual Blessing Trips to Distant Cities/Regions

As Vinny has outlined in far more detail in a number of posts sent to his Spiritual Surrender email list group at Yahoo Groups, since early September 2010, Divinity has been asking Vinny to make occasional spiritual blessing trips (formerly called Spiritual Flowing Grace Trips) to various distant cities or regions in the US, where he is asked to spend anywhere from 6 days to 12 days simply being present and doing little or nothing each day other than eating meals, taking a few short walks, meditating and resting, during which times Divinity flows large amounts of Grace and Love through him, particularly to the surrounding area out to a distance ranging in radius from 100 to 600 miles or more, and to all beings in that region. While it is true that numerous persons who are on a spiritual path, or who are psychics, intuitives or spiritual healers, have, during the time windows in which these trips occur, sensed this powerful flow of Divine Grace and Love at distances ranging from 1,800 miles to over 8,000 miles, it is always the case on these trips that the greatest flow of Love and Grace is directed by Divinity to the immediate region, within a radius of 100 to 600 miles or more.

The cities or regions to which Vinny is asked to make these spiritual blessing trips, including the exact location within the city (for hotel reservation or special focus, etc.), along with the exact dates and duration of each of the trips, are chosen solely by Divinity. Some of the locations that Vinny has been asked to visit since Sept. 1, 2010 have been a tiny town in the Nevada desert, Englewood, CO, Miami, FL (multiple stays), New York City (multiple stays), and Portland/Eugene, OR.

During these trips, Vinny is not trying to fix anything or heal anything (i.e., such as a region, or a city, or any persons within that region), and rather, the purpose of the trips is simply to allow Divinity to flow large amounts of Grace and Love to the surrounding area and to the beings within that area, and thus, these are not "healing" trips.  To read more about Vinny's Spiritual Blessing trips, click here.

3) Donations to Support Vinny's Receiving Divine Love & Grace Page

Vinny is a mystic, spiritual healer & spiritual teacher. Donations made using the button below support his free-of-charge Receiving Divine Love and Grace Through Vinny page, which is available to visitors worldwide at all times. To read more about Vinny's Receiving Love & Grace page, click here.

Donation Methods

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Thank you!
--- Vinny

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