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What Exactly is This Work That Vinny Does?
Details about Vinny's Work as a Remote Spiritual Healer

This site has been created by Vinny Pinto, a mystic, spiritual teacher, spiritual healer and consulting scientist/engineer. You may subscribe, as a public subscriber, to Vinny's public Facebook page or Twitter feed by using the buttons below:

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The following discourse assumes that you have already read the basic information on Vinny's remote spiritual healing on the home page.  If not, we strongly suggest that you read that page first, although some of the material may be reproduced below.

Vinny works with both humans and animals (pets, livestock and barnyard animals, and occasionally wild animals.)  He is not an energy healer of any kind -- he does not work with, nor use, any energies, lights, auric colors, vibrations, crystals or intent-based healing in his remote healing work, and instead he is a remote spiritual healer -- Vinny has been given a special gift by Divinity wherein he serves as a window for Divinity into this world and also serves as a window for the flow of Divine grace and love into this world.

Vinny feels that his work facilitates the client to shift, at a deep spiritual level, to a place which allows:

  • greater ease and flow in life as well as in body 
  • more "degrees of freedom" in life situations
  • greater sense of ease and well-being
  • greater acceptance of self and of body and mind
  • greater acceptance and compassion for any current physical or emotional traumas, conditions or dis-ease
  • deepening and integration of well-being and life purpose
  • greater fluidity in allowing body and mind to heal and shift
  • a larger or broader deep perspective on problems or "issues"
  • greater comfort and ease when undergoing medical procedures
  • more ease and flow if and when facing chronic problems or illness
  • greater ability to accept and forgive 
  • greater sense of acceptance and peace -- less of a sense of "fighting God", "being angry at God", or "resisting the world"

Vinny prefers to call his work remote spiritual healing. 
Many authors and practitioners may also call such work subtle energy healing, bioenergetic healing, or energy healing.  However, Vinny chooses not to use these terms, because a number of these systems and practitioners may be referring to work directly with the energy centers of the body (also called "chakras"), with the energies of the acupuncture meridians or with the aura.  Some may even refer to working with the physical body, such as muscles and joints.  Further, many of these practitioners may work with modalities which involve being in the same room with the client and touching them, whereas Vinny's method does not involve physical contact.

Vinny sees his work not as alternative healing, but as complementary to any and all conventional or alternative healing methods. 
In other words, his work helps a person go "deeper" and to meet life's challenges with more ease, and is never intended to replace any conventional or alternative therapy.  Vinny always encourages his clients, if they have been diagnosed with a serious behavioral or physical health disorder, to continue working with their licensed conventional or alternative practitioners.  His only intent is to provide deep access to new levels of ease and flow for clients, and not to "replace" any mode of therapy.

Vinny feels that his work will equally help those persons:

  • who simply want to reach higher levels of ease, love and flow in life
  • who are highly functioning but operating at a high level of stress or facing great challenges
  • with no serious problems, but perhaps minor chronic discomforts
  • with diagnosable physical or behavioral health problems
  • who are facing terminal diagnoses or serious illness
  • who are healers or intuitives and wish to potentiate their abilities

Vinny's own perception of what he "does" is that he aligns with and allows a field of coherence or grace from Divine Heart and Holy Spirit to enter and flow through his being and that field also flows thru the client. However, the field does not flow from Vinny, but rather, from Holy Spirit.  There is little or no perception of any "energy" streaming from Vinny or moving to a client, and if such a flow is at times present, there is no perception of that "energy" doing any work or manipulation on any particular part of the client's body or mind.  Indeed, the flow seems more like love and grace, and appears to flow directly from Holy Spirit and Divine Heart, through and around Vinny.  The perception is one of a global field from God (Divinity, Being, Divine Heart) bathing or encompassing the healer as well as the body/mind of the client. He is often aware of angels working with him as well, although this is not as central to the work as what he calls the "field of love" or "coherent field".  This field seems to allow a kind of frequency of grace and love which then allows deeper alignment with coherence and Spirit.  Some authors have referred to this energy of field as fifth-dimensional healing energy, or "fifth dimension healing".

What clairvoyants have observed
Some independent and partial verification of Vinny's access to this heart-centered and spirit-centered state may lie in the following story as related by Vinny:

"In November 1998, my inner work was accidentally and inadvertently witnessed by Frances Fox, an internationally-known intuitive and clairvoyant, while Frances was teaching a 2-day seminar on intuitive access for students with backgrounds in the healing and intuitive worlds.  I was present in the two-day seminar as a student, and at one point during the second day, I was not really following the exercise at hand, as I was feeling the ill effects of an oncoming flu, and also due to  some very unbalanced and annoying energies which I had sensed in the room.  Moreover, I had noticed that I was holding a very judgmental attitude toward some of the other participants (feeling that some were very "New Agey" and spacey) in the workshop, which seemed to be partly due to the fact that I felt physically ill, and also in reaction to the fact that the classroom had felt overly full all weekend of a very spacey and ungrounded mental energy (I have noticed such things before at intuitive workshops -- some participants seem to get out of touch with their bodies and hearts, and rather go into very "mental" worlds.) 

Therefore, I decided to address my own inner discomfort (and my sense of judgment toward some classmates) with love.  I closed my eyes, withdrew my attention from the classroom activities, and went to my heart center to allow myself to fully accept and allow the flu-like feelings and my feelings of discomfort. As for my mind's recent creations of crankiness, irritability, separation and judgment (from/toward some other participants), I chose to bathe those feelings in love and acceptance, too, while allowing love and coherence to bathe me and my immediate environment.  At no time was there any attempt to fix anything.  The whole process took only a few minutes, and I almost immediately began to feel much better.  I then chose to bask in the heart energies and sense of connectedness with Holy Spirit for a while. 

At about this time, the senior instructor, Frances Fox (the aforementioned well-known intuitive/clairvoyant), must have noticed me on some energetic or intuitive level. She later told the entire class that she had clairvoyantly witnessed me withdrawing from the inner exercise in progress in the class, and rather, had seen my inner energies shift radically. She said that in a matter of minutes my heart center had expanded to the size of several city blocks, filled with a rosy greenish-pink light, and that she then witnessed bands of "love", green, pink and golden in color, emerging from my heart center and all my other chakras and travel simultaneously to everyone in the room as well as other people in the building.  Further, she disclosed that she had been aware all weekend of a rather severe energy imbalance in the room, which apparently happened at times during her weekend intuitive seminars (this must have been the irritating "spacey" feeling I had been sensing in the room.)  She revealed that she and her guides had repeatedly tried various means they knew to dissolve or shift this energy imbalance, to absolutely no avail. She related that she had watched on an energy level as I shifted into my inner state in the middle of the classroom and connected with divine heart, and she described that as the heart field expanded, the energy imbalance in the room immediately shifted, dissolved, and was replaced by perfectly balanced "energies", "feelings" and "geometric patterns". 

Frances felt that I had "accomplished" this external phenomenon intentionally, and was astounded when I informed her that I had never had any intention of affecting, fixing, or changing anyone or anything outside of myself.  Rather, my only intention had been to bring some love and care to my own inner myriad aches and pains, as well as to my recently-noticed sense of judgment and criticism (e.g., lack of love.)

A similar observation of the coherent field from my work has since been described to me by yet a second clairvoyant, this one a total stranger to me at the time, who witnessed it in a vastly different situation and setting.  Indeed, she approached me in a crowded bar to tell me what she had witnessed about me on a clairvoyant level only moments earlier when I had been sending love to those nearby me."

Brief History
As recounted on the main page and on the page on Vinny's training and background at Vinny's Training & Background, Vinny at one time spent a lot of time training in energetic methods of alternative healing, and in practicing those modalities with clients.  He then, in the early 1990's, took a ten-year hiatus from such work at the firm suggestion of his heart intelligence, while pursuing other training and learning, more often in the academic environment of graduate school.  

Guided to Renew Inner Work With a New Focus, New Method
In mid-2001, Vinny was guided by internally by Spirit and his angels to work once again with people and animals, but this time the guidance was unmistakable as to direction and style: the work was to be totally heart-centered, very broad and only on a spiritual level, solely as a remote spiritual healer.  Thus, there is no intention or attempt to heal, cure or “fix” any specific ”condition”, whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, but rather, a very easeful effort is made to enter a heart-centered spiritual “space” or “field” and to share some aspect of this with the client. This, then, is the essence of the remote spiritual healing which Vinny offers.

The Method 
The method which Vinny employs is one which is totally self-invented, and evolved quite firmly and clearly in a particular spiritual and heart-centered direction under inner guidance from Holy Spirit and Divine Heart.  Vinny's belief and direct experience is that connection with true spirituality and divine love is not centered in the mind, but rather in the heart and gut, via which we access our knowing of divine Holy Spirit.  Since this is a modality in which Vinny is totally heart-centered, body-centered, and spirit-centered, and focuses on the now moment, attention to body and feelings is the main  focus.  This allows grace and love to come through and flow where needed.

It must be stressed that Vinny has little or no sensation of sending energy, moving energy, or of donating energy to a client's energy field.  In contrast to some other energetic healing systems and practitioners, Vinny's work is purely on the spiritual level, and one which is totally heart-centered.  It is seen as a sharing of a certain set of energies or frequencies so that the client's body and mind may align to that same "frequency" of grace which is ever-present in God's universe.  This work does not directly address any specific physical or emotional condition, nor does it directly address the energy centers, chakras, acupuncture meridians, or aura.  However, since all of these phenomena are facets of the body/mind, each and every one of these aspects may be affected by the healing and influx of love from Holy Spirit.  Likewise, Vinny's method never involves physical contact with human clients -- such contact is simply not needed, and might accidentally lead to the impression that he is targeting specific physical conditions.  Vinny believes that such impressions or beliefs can actually impede or interfere with true deep healing at the spiritual level of divine heart.

The whole nature of this work is a heart-centered experience of sharing deep states of love and acceptance.  It is Vinny's view (and that of many other spiritual healers as well as those in some fields of alternative healing) that our problems are often caused by buried or partially-buried feelings or decisions which we have not let go of or fully accepted, and also by "incorrect" beliefs and assumptions.  This work involves a taste of heart-centered acceptance and allowing, so that those previously buried and unconscious feelings, decisions, contracts and patterns may come again into the full light of consciousness, where they may shift, transmute or dissolve as Spirit (and the angels) may guide.  Sometimes Holy Spirit (divine heart) may dissolve something in an instant (again, this has been referred to as fifth dimensional healing energy), as that is all that may be needed.

Effects Upon the Client
If there is a felt effect, it is to bring more ease and flow into the client’s life.  Some clients may report a decrease or shift in symptoms or problems.  Some may report more dramatic positive results.  Some clients report no particular effects during or after the first session, but then hit a major shift at the second or third session.  This pattern seems to be fairly common in the realm of spiritual and energetic healing.  

Some clients report definite results, and others report none.  This, too, is a very common result for spiritual healers.  Vinny does not guarantee any results.  He does not wish to persuade anyone to try his work.  Rather, he asks that anyone who is considering a session go to their heart and spirit and “know” from there whether this work is right for them at this time.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers page regarding Vinny's method on this website. 

Briefly -- How to Request Remote Healing

To learn more about services available, terms and rates, and/or to request healing or other services, please see the How to Request a Remote Spiritual Healing page.

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