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Last Updated: 11/07/2020

Visits for Spiritual Purposes to Vinny's Home,
and Darshan-Like Time with Vinny

This site has been created by Vinny Pinto, a mystic, spiritual teacher, spiritual healer and consulting scientist/engineer. You may subscribe, as a public subscriber, to Vinny's public Facebook page or Twitter feed by using the buttons below:

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A Note from Vinny Regarding Requests for Spiritual Visits, and/or Darshan Time with Me

Orig. creation date: March, 2010
Latest rev. date: May 5, 2021

I am writing this at this time at the request of Divine guidance, in part due to the fact that with the arrival of warm weather I have been receiving an increasing number of requests from folks with spiritual interests asking me if they may visit me at my rural secluded home in the mountains of Western Maryland to get to spend some darshan-like time with me. And there is also at least one additional reason for my having been asked by Divine guidance to send this post to my relevant list groups at this time: the time is past due for an update to my earlier posts -- the most recent dated at least two or three years ago -- that offered guidelines for persons wishing to visit here for spiritual reasons.

Due to my experiences with spiritual visitors to my home since 2004, I have learned some important lessons about how to best manage such visits, and thus Divine guidance has guided me to issue this major update to my earlier writings on the matter of spiritual visits. So, this page is not only a major update to any and all of my earlier mentions on my websites regarding visits to see me at my home for spiritual reasons, but the guidelines and terms that will be presented on this page totally supersede and replace any and all terms and conditions that may have been set forth in earlier mentions of this topic.

As you may already know, I live in a very rural area in the mountains on a heavily-forested property that is located on a forested mountainside in the mountains of Western Maryland, about 1.5 hours N-NW of Washington, DC and 1.5 hours W-NW of Baltimore, MD. The entire property has been described by a great many visitors -- including mystics, psychics, intuitives and energy healers -- over the years as being a sacred monastery-like setting with a powerful healing and soothing effect.

In fact, a number of visitors who would describe themselves merely as "normal" people and who would never claim to have any interests in spirituality, mysticism or metaphysics have also described the property in much the same way, with some (including staunch agnostics/atheists who do not believe in mysticism at all) adding that they feel a very powerful soothing and healing effect here that heals them quickly of any minor maladies that they might have been suffering.

As of early 2020, the property also features a 16-foot diameter meditation dome, located about 150 feet uphill from our home, in which many folks who visit here for spiritual reasons like to sit whenever they can. This new 16-foot diameter meditation dome is located in an interesting spot, and it is no accident that it is located where it is because I erected it in the exact spot where Divine guidance asked me to place it in the yard. This spot happens to be located near the center of a spiritual power spot located on the property that would best be described as having a strong Divine Mother presence (the power spot has a radius of strongest effect of about 45 feet) and it is located about 72 feet from the center of another spiritual power spot located to the south-east of it; this power spot has a strong Goddess Shiva presence, and it is more powerful than the aforementioned spiritual power spot, with a radius of strongest effect of about 110 feet.

Interestingly, but not at all unexpectedly (since Divine guidance specifically guided me to move to this particular property about 25 years ago, and has also asked me to act as the spiritual steward for this property, for the above-mentioned spiritual power spots, and for some nearby earth energy spots (not located on my property)), the spiritual presence effects and spiritual healing effects of sitting in the dome are far more powerful when I am personally present in the dome.

Basic Guidelines and Terms for All Spiritual Visitors Wishing to See Me at My Home in Western Maryland
The guidelines and terms that are set forth on this page were communicated to me by the Supreme Heart, Divine Mother and Goddess Shiva aspects of Divinity, and all are effective immediately. These guidelines and terms apply to anyone wishing to visit me here at my home in the mountains of Western Maryland for any spiritually-related reason, including any and all of the following possibilities:

  • People wishing to have darshan-like time with me in the monastery-like rural mountainous setting in which I live in Maryland (note: for information on spending darshan-like time with me while I am on spiritual blessing trips in various cities and regions across the world, please see How to Spend Darshan Time (Spiritual Visits) with Me During a Spiritual Blessing Trip on my Some Notes on Vinny's Spiritual Blessing Trips webpage).
  • People wishing to spend some time sitting in the earlier-described meditation dome.
  • People wishing to spend some time sitting near any of the earlier-mentioned spiritual power spots located on the property.
  • People wishing to see me and get to spend some time in my presence (that is, to be near me or within about 130 feet of me while visiting the property) and to be exposed to the spiritual healing and blessing effects inherent in such near-field exposure to the Presence.
  • People who are concomitantly undergoing a spiritual healing treatment or spiritual blessing treatment with me, but who also want to add some "oomph" to the treatment by visiting me at my home for an hour or two, or three, for some private spiritual time.
  • Any and all other visits for any reason at all related to spiritual, mystical, metaphysical or healing purposes.

And here are the guidelines and terms:

  • From this point in time (March 25, 2017) going forward, all visits to my rural home in Maryland for any spiritual or related purposes will be considered as tantamount to spending darshan-like time with me.
  • All spiritual and related visits must be approved by me in advance with me; this means that all visits must be pre-approved by me and arranged in advance with me, including (if approved) the exact dates for the visit.
  • The requisite fee for a spiritual visit to my home/property and for darshan-like time with me must be prepaid well in advance of any visit.
  • The duration of each spiritual visit will be measured in one-hour increments, with -- for the purposes of determining the appropriate fee -- a minimum visit duration of at least one hour, and a maximum visit duration at my home and property of three hours per day. Visits on consecutive days may be approved, and thus some applicants may be approved for a visit of three hours per day for each of six days, if that is what they applied for. (Please note that for a few advanced clients/students/seekers, I may be guided by Divine guidance to allow spiritual visits of up to 4 to 5 hours duration per day.)
  • Whenever possible, all darshan time will be spent in the new (as of 2020) 16-foot diameter meditation dome.
  • The requisite fee for a spiritual visit to my home/property and for darshan-like time with me at my home/property is $1,450 per hour, with a minimum visit duration of one hour. The $1,450 hourly rate applies per hour; there is no decrease in the rate per hour as the number of hours increase. Thus, a three-hour visit for only one day would incur a minimum fee of $4,350, while visits of three hours per day for each of 7 days, for a total of 21 hours of darshan time, would incur a minimum fee of $30,450.
  • Yes, it is true that the per-hour rate for private darshan-like time spent with me when I am traveling on my spiritual blessing trips may sometimes be as low as the range of $950 per hour (if a large block of time is purchased), which is seemingly somewhat lower than the above-cited rate for visiting me at my home in Maryland. This is because the spiritual effects of visiting me at my home are even more powerful than those seen with spending time with me while I am on a spiritual blessing trip, and also because visits to my home/property, by their very nature, demand more attention and management on my part, and also that of my wife and our pet animals (cats, chickens, ducks, goose, etc.).
  • Please note that clients who are concomitantly undergoing a spiritual healing treatment or spiritual blessing treatment from me, but who also want to add some "oomph" to the treatment by visiting me at my home for an hour or more of private spiritual time in the Presence are subject to the same $1,450 per hour rate as described earlier.
  • Please understand that only a very small number of applicants seeking to visit me for spiritual reasons at my home are accepted each year. So, while quite a few persons ask if they may visit here, only a few are granted permission each year. In fact, for the past three years, I have been guided by Divine guidance to accept only one or two spiritual visitors per year. (Going forward, I have been guided by Divine guidance to accept up to 7 spiritual visitors per year at my home/property in Maryland, subject to the terms disclosed on this page.)
  • All spiritual visits must be made only on the dates arranged explicitly in advance, after a visit has been approved, and after I have received payment for the fee in full.
  • There are no refunds or returns possible for any fees made toward visits once paid.
  • Approved visitors must handle their own transportation, including transport to and from my home, to and from the airport, to and from hotel and meals, etc. This is an important point because some visitors come in from Europe, South America, Asia and other far points (including such exotic locales as Hoboken, New Jersey) and thus may be staying at a hotel in the area overnight or for a few days. There are, in nearby cities, numerous transportation service options available, such as taxicabs, airport shuttle services, private car services, and rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber.
  • For air transit arrivals from within domestic USA, BWI airport is likely the best and least expensive airport for you to use.
  • For international arrivals, BWI is fine, but flights into Dulles (IAD) airport are usually cheaper. Each airport is located within a 75-minute drive of my home, and each airport has plenty of car rental vendors and also shuttle bus and taxi transport available.
  • For those who are planning to stay in the area for longer than a few hours, be advised we do not have facilities here to allow approved visitors to stay overnight, and thus, all visitors must handle their own hotel arrangements as well as their transportation to and from their chosen lodging, and also to and from my home. Due to direct and firm and clear guidance that I have consistently received from Divine guidance, we cannot allow visitors to stay in our home and we absolutely cannot allow visitors to camp in our yard.
  • For those who might need lodging, you will be provided with information regarding local lodging if and when you have been approved for a spiritual visit.
  • Photos or other visual or audio recordings may not be taken of me, the meditation dome, my workshop/laboratory, esoteric devices, chambers, sites or portals, etc. without express explicit permission.
  • Other than a shared simple meal or snack at our home that we may occasionally offer spontaneously, we do not have facilities nor time here to feed visitors, and thus visitors must handle all of their own meals and snacks.
  • Ultimately, all decisions about which applicants for spiritual visits are accepted are made by Divine guidance, and particularly by the Supreme Heart, Divine Mother and Goddess Shiva aspects of Divinity.
  • In the vast majority of cases, with only a very few exceptions, if a person has applied for permission to make a spiritual visit to see me at my home/property and that request has been denied by Divine guidance, then that person must wait at least 12 months before again applying for permission to make a spiritual visit.
  • Regarding the two items listed immediately above, it should be understood that a lot of whether Divine guidance issues approval is about timing and readiness. For example, there was one man from Pennsylvania who asked me insistently three or four times per year for three years for permission to visit me at my home for spiritual reasons, and each time I was guided to say no. Then, when he asked in the fourth year, he was finally given permission to visit me at my home for a spiritual visit for about three hours.
  • Each approval granted for a spiritual visit is granted for one individual only (that is, the applicant only). If you should wish to bring along another person, then that person, and their visit, must have been explicitly cleared with me well in advance, and all relevant additional fees for their visit (if approved) must also have been prepaid in advance. I reserve the right, after having consulted with Divine guidance on an inner level, to say yes or no regarding anyone whom you might wish to accompany you on your visit.

What Optimizes the Chances of Your Request to Visit Being Approved?
As I mentioned above, ultimately, it is up to Divine guidance whether I say yes or no to a request to visit. However, I can offer you some general observations of commonalities across folks who are colleagues, consulting clients, members of my list groups or casual friends/acquaintances from the mystical, spiritual or strange science worlds who have been granted permission to visit me here:

  • They tend to be persons who have supported my spiritual work across time, via avenues such as gift funds, purchases of Divine Mother Blessed Water, fee-based darshan-like time spent with me on my spiritual blessing trips, etc.
  • If list group members, they tend to be people who have contributed sincerely to my list group(s) over a significant period of time.
  • They tend to be people who have supported my spiritual, mystical and alchemical work in the past via gifts and/or purchases of various research/experimental products that I offer, or by having hired me for consulting work on fun projects, or who have retained me for spiritual healing or consulting.
  • They have shown that they are considerate and respectful of boundaries.
  • Special consideration is also given to persons who are members of my Luminous Lodge Alchemical Researchers & Buyers Private Club, particularly for members at the Premium level and above, and even moreso for Rubidium level and Benefactor level members, for it is such persons who actively, intentionally and generously support my ongoing spiritual work and mission here, and also my occasional work (solely as guided by Divine guidance) in the realm of spiritual alchemy.
  • They have demonstrated, in their email and telephone communications, that they communicate in a civil, courteous and respectful manner.

I hope that this page is helpful to those who have asked!


with care,

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