List of Spiritual Blessing Trips page. Since 2004, Divinity has been asking Vinny to make occasional Spiritual Blessing trips to various distant cities or regions in the US.

Last updated: 06/24/2024

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Upcoming Spiritual Blessing Trips for 2024

[Please note that in the early part of each year, in January, February, or early March, Vinny will release a list of a majority of the cities that Divine guidance has asked him to visit across the remainder of the year. Once that list has been compiled, it will be published in this section of this page, and will also be published on his public-facing social media pages and on his spiritual email list groups. The list will also be updated if and when new destinations are added at a later date.]

August 1624, 2024: Washington, D.C. (Private darshan time: 65% booked/35% open)

NOTE: Up to 4 additional trips for the remainder of 2024 will likely be listed here as and when funds appear from clients and donors.

A list of Vinny's spiritual trips in past months and years may be found below the Notes section.


1) These spiritual blessing trips are among several charitable outreach services that Vinny is asked by Divine guidance to offer as part of his spiritual service in this world. The trips allow a very strong flow of Divine Love and Grace not only to all beings, places, and things at the destination city/region, but also a strong flow of Divine Love and Grace to all within a 900+ mile radius of the destination. To learn more about these spiritual blessing trips, please see the main page for the trips at Vinny's Spiritual Blessing Trips.

2) Unless otherwise noted, private spiritual time (aka darshan time) is available with Vinny on each of the above-listed trips. To learn more about private darshan time with Vinny and fees involved, please see the Darshan Time with Vinny page.

3) The upcoming spiritual blessing trips for this year that are listed above are also announced/listed on various public-facing social media pages operated by Vinny.

4) Since Vinny is asked by Supreme Heart and Divine Mother to serve as a mystic and spiritual teacher in this world, it is important to make clear that he is not a guru, does not consider himself to be a guru, and he consciously and deliberately interacts with people in his role as a spiritual teacher/guide and a spiritual healer in a manner that strongly discourages others from mistaking him for a guru. These precautions tend to foil any attempts on the part of needy people – who might be searching for a guru – to treat him as a guru.

Vinny feels that the guru/student (aka guru/disciple or guru/follower) model that is widely extant in some traditions of Eastern religions and Eastern spirituality is one that can be very disempowering for those who call themselves students, disciples or followers of the guru, and that such a model for the relationship can greatly interfere with the spiritual progress of the client/student.

One of the methods that Vinny employs to ensure that others do not view him or treat him as a guru in all of his spiritual work as a spiritual teacher/guide, a spiritual healer, and in rendering spiritual blessings, and in all of his other spiritual services is that he employs the consultant/client model, wherein a client may temporarily retain him for spiritual services as a consultant on an hourly basis (or, in some cases, on a per-service/treatment basis, where a single service might span a period of a few hours to one day in length). This helps to prevent clients from becoming dependent upon him, and it encourages clients to continue at full speed on their own path of spiritual opening; it encourages clients to keep their own power, rather than projecting it onto Vinny.

Incidentally, another method that Vinny employs to discourage those who might try to put him in a guru-type role (if only in their minds) is humor, for it is quite well known in the realms of psychology that needy people searching for an authoritarian guru-type figure are strongly repelled if the potential target of their seeking exhibits any degree of humor or silliness.

Past Spiritual Blessing Trips


May 7–14, 2024: New York City, NY

June 1824, 2024: Baltimore, MD


April 18–April 26, 2023: Salt Lake City, UT

October 6–10, 2023: Philadelphia, PA

October 17–26, 2023: Atlanta, GA

November 7–15, 2023: Baltimore, MD

November 16–23, 2023: Oklahoma City, OK 


April 23–29, 2022: Baltimore (Inner Harbor), MD

May 17–29, 2022: San Francisco, CA

Last-minute-notice "urgent" spiritual blessing trip requested by Divine Mother:
June 67, 2022: Detroit, MI
June 7–9, 2022: Kissimmee, FL

June 15–23, 2022: Palm Springs, CA

July 613, 2022: Philadelphia, PA

August 2–10, 2022: Las Vegas, NV
August 1011, 2022: Detroit, MI

September 513, 2022: New Orleans, LA

October 7
13, 2022: New York City, NY

November 9
17, 2022: San Francisco, CA

November 29December 7, 2022: Palm Springs, CA


NOTE: In addition to the 2 trips in August and September listed below that did actually take place, there had been 10 other scheduled spiritual blessing trips to cities in the US that were ultimately cancelled due to pandemic restrictions.

August 22–27, 2020: Baltimore, MD

September 21–26, 2020: Martinsburg, WV


NOTE: Scheduled spiritual trips that were cancelled due to pandemic restrictions:

[CANCELLED] April 18–25, 2020: San Francisco, CA

[CANCELLED] May 12–19, 2020: Miami, FL

[CANCELLED] June 15–22, 2020: Los Angeles, CA

[CANCELLED] July 20–27, 2020: Las Vegas, NV

[CANCELLED] August 5–11, 2020: Boston, MA

[CANCELLED] August 22–29, 2020: NYC, NY

[CANCELLED] September 9–15, 2020: New Orleans, LA

[CANCELLED] October 10–16, 2020: Key West, FL

[CANCELLED] November 19–26, 2020: Palm Springs, CA1

[CANCELLED] December 18–25, 2020: Palm Springs, CA1

Footnote #1: Yes, it may indeed appear puzzling to the local mind, aka the ego or monkey mind, that both the November and December trips each had the same destination of Palm Springs, CA, and are spaced only one month apart, but this is what Supreme Heart and Divine Mother had precisely and clearly asked of Vinny.


New York City, NY: January 23–February 7, 2019

Miami, FL: February 27–March 5, 2019

Jacksonville, FL: March 28–April 3, 2019

Portland, OR: April 23–May 1, 2019

Philadelphia, PA: May 11–17, 2019

Las Vegas, NV: June 5–12, 2019

Miami, FL: June 29–July 3, 2019

San Francisco, CA: July 10–18, 2019

New York City, NY: August 6–12, 2019

Key West, FL: August 12–19, 2019

New Orleans, LA: September 10–17, 2019

Madison, WI: September 24–October 1, 2019

Miami, FL: November 19–24, 2019

Joshua Tree, CA: December 4–16, 2019

Palm Springs, CA: December 17–20, 2019


New York City, NY: March 14–21, 2018

Portland, OR: April 18–26, 2018

New Orleans, LA: May 29–June 5, 2018

San Francisco, CA: June 23–July 1, 2018

Philadelphia, PA: July 20–25, 2018

Key West, FL: August 8–14, 2018

Las Vegas, NV: September 12–19, 2018

Raleigh, NC: September 26–29, 2018

New York City, NY: October 16–24, 2018

San Francisco, CA: December 12–19, 2018


Las Vegas, NV: May 16–22, 2017

Philadelphia, PA: June 20–26, 2017

San Francisco, CA: July 21–29, 2017

New York City, NY: September 16–20, 2017

New Orleans, LA: October 6–15, 2017

San Francisco, CA: November 28–December 6, 2017

Philadelphia, PA: December 15–20, 2017


Philadelphia, PA: March 20–23, 2016

New York City, NY: March 23–30, 2016

Philadelphia, PA: April 11–13, 2016

Key West, FL: May 6–12, 2016

New Orleans, LA: May 12–19, 2016

San Francisco, CA: May 19–27, 2016

New York City, NY: June 16–23, 2016

Las Vegas, NV: June 23–July 1, 2016

New York City, NY: July 26–29, 2016

Portland, OR: August 29–September 7th, 2016

New Orleans, LA: November 2–11, 2016

Salt Lake City, UT: November 11–19, 2016

Chennai, India: December 7–22, 2016


New Orleans, LA: June 8–15, 2015

New York City, NY: August 23–28, 2015

Philadelphia, PA: September 9–12, 2015

San Francisco, CA: September 17–24, 2015

Miami, FL: October 7–14, 2015

Philadelphia, PA: November 6–8, 2015

Las Vegas, NV: November 10–18, 2015


New York City, NY: December 28, 2013–January 5, 2014

New York City, NY: July 1–7, 2014

Philadelphia, PA: July 17–23, 2014

New Orleans, LA: August 5–13, 2014

Key West, FL: August 13–20, 2014

Philadelphia, PA: August 23–29, 2014


New York City, NY: April 14–27, 2013

New Orleans, LA: June 8–14, 2013

New Orleans, LA: July 24–31, 2013

New York City, NY: August 8–12, 2013

New Orleans, LA: September 18–27, 2013

Las Vegas, NV: October 14–21, 2013

New York City, NY: November 17–23, 2013

New Orleans, LA: December 15–25, 2013

New York City, NY: December 28, 2013–January 5, 2014


New York City, NY: May 16–29, 2012

Miami, FL: June 13–22, 2012

Santa Monica, CA: July 14–19, 2012

Portland/Eugene, OR: July 25–August 2, 2012

New York City, NY: September 11–22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV: October 21–November 2, 2012

New York City, NY: November 19–December 3, 2012


New York City, NY: April 13–23, 2011

Portland/Forest Grove, OR: April 27–May 5, 2011

New York City, NY: August 3–12, 2011

Miami, FL: September 8–16, 2011

Santa Monica, CA: September 21–27, 2011

Dulce, NM: October 7–16, 2011

Joshua Tree, CA: October 16–24, 2011

New York City, NY: November 4–13, 2011

Jean/Las Vegas, NV: November 21–29, 2011


Miami, FL: March 17–24, 2010

New York City, NY: September 9–17 , 2010

Jean/Las Vegas, NV: September 27–October 4, 2010

Miami, FL: October 27–November 4, 2010

Denver/Englewood, CO: November 11–19, 2010

New York City, NY: December 12–20, 2010


Phoenix, AZ: April 24–30, 2008

Parsippany, NJ: December 25–29, 2008


Los Angeles, CA: February 28–March 7, 2007

Phoenix, AZ: June 12–20, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT: November 1–12, 2007


Los Angeles, CA: July 29–August 5, 2005


Tallahassee, FL: August 20–24, 2004

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