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Vinny's Training and Background

Photo of spiritual healer Vinny

Vinny turned 50 years old in springtime 2001, and at the same time received a strong inner message from Holy Spirit and his angels to devote more and more of his time to healing and coaching work in the inner realms of healing, heart and spirit. In particular, he was guided to concentrate on offering his work as a spiritual healer and coach to others. 

Vinny's ancestral lineage is Italian on his father's side and part Welsh, Scott, Virgin Islander and English on his mother's side, with some family tales of Native American bloodlines there as well. Since an early age, he was very intuitive and empathic, which often produced confusing and dramatically contrasting experiences for him as he matured, as he was also very bright and gifted in various areas in the sciences, engineering and electronics. Somehow, he has never had much trouble juggling and nurturing both the intuitive/spiritual and the more linear, logical and "scientific" aspects of his nature.
Vinny is a spiritual guide, teacher and coach and a spiritual healer (please rest assured that Vinny is not a guru, does not claim to be a guru, and he neither condones nor recommends the whole circus involving gurus and their disciples and followers). While he is also a trained engineer and scientist with a graduate degree (Master's) in his field, Vinny is, first and foremost, a mystic. He has been a mystic since a very early age, and has had numerous enlightenment experiences across the years. He has lived his life in surrender to Divinity since 1997, and he was asked by Divinity in the year 2000 to start offering his services as a spiritual healer and spiritual coach/guide/teacher. Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for the flow of Divine love and grace, into this world. More details follow below.

And Now, A Note About a "Freebie" Service for
Receiving Divine Love and Grace from Vinny

Vinny has been contacted repeatedly across the years since the year 2000 by persons who had visited his spiritual healing website and who did not necessarily want to request a spiritual healing from him at that time, or who perhaps felt that they could not afford the fees for a spiritual healing at that time, but they stated that they nonetheless wished that Vinny could, and would, consider offering some kind of low-cost or zero-cost way that they could more directly experience the flow of Divine love and grace that they sensed flowing through him. In fact, a number of those persons mentioned that they could feel the flow of Divine love and grace coming through the small photographs of Vinny found on his spiritual healing website, and they stated that they "wanted more".

As you likely already know from having read the main page on this spiritual healing website, Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for Divine love and grace, into this world. It is this flow of Divine love and grace that some people sense, and that led to the requests from visitors to Vinny's spiritual healing website that have been described above. Partially in response to those requests, as of early 2013, Vinny was guided by Divinity to create a page on his spiritual healing website that will feature a large and specially-blessed photograph of him. This specially-blessed photograph will allow those who wish to receive the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through him to connect and to receive this flow of love and grace, free of charge, whenever they choose to visit the page. If you are interested in being a recipient of this entirely free-of-charge flow of Divine love and grace, please feel free to visit the page by clicking here.

This page will offer some information on Vinny's formal training and experiences.  If you are interested in a broader overview of his life, you may also wish to read the following pages on this website: Details of Vinny's Method & Work, Vinny's Specialties, and Vinny's Current Activities and Research.

Vinny has trained and practiced consistently and voraciously in a number of inner meditative practices and traditions since age sixteen.  He has also trained academically in the sciences, in psychotherapy, and the related fields of health and exercise, at the graduate level.  He has also trained in acupuncture at the graduate level.  He has trained, since 1979, in numerous energy healing systems and in various systems of alternative healing.  He has also worked as an electronics design engineer, an engineering manager, as a scientific research consultant and adviser, a psychotherapist, a director of a busy crisis center, a health and mental health researcher, and a research/software development director in mental health services in the corporate world.  As a sideline, Vinny also became certified, via ACE, as a personal trainer in 1993, and worked as a personal trainer and exercise/fitness coach in the early 1990's.  He has also trained as a pilot, and passed examinations for his commercial pilot's license in 1980.

Vinny has trained extensively over the years in the realms of spiritual healing, inner disciplines, meditation, intuition, heart-centered spirituality, energy healing and alternative healing (and also raw foods nutrition), and at times he has practiced, taught or coached many of these modalities.  He also holds a Master's degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1992) in a broad field encompassing psychotherapy and health sciences research.  However, he feels that the spiritual healing work that he is currently guided to do fits none of the previous categories, and transcends all of the previous particulars of his studies, training, or work.  He sees his present work as a spiritual healer as a deep prayerful state with inner connection to Holy Spirit, while centered in his heart.

Vinny has been a meditator and intuitive since 1973, and over the years has trained in and practiced:

  • TM (Transcendental meditation)
  • various styles of yogic meditation from the Patanjali sutra
  • heart-centered yogic traditions
  • Arica Institute mystical training
  • Japanese Zen (Rinzai, Soto, for many years)
  • Korean Zen
  • Vipassana (Theravadan) meditation 
  • Heart-centered spirituality: various systems of heart-centered spiritual access
He has trained and practiced in a number of energetic, therapeutic, subtle energy and spiritual healing traditions, and inner disciplines for over 18 years, and those traditions have included:
  • hands-on energy healing systems such as Body Electronics (studied for 8 years), completed Cranial Electronics sequence
  • 5-element acupuncture at the graduate level (J. R. Worsley style)
  • private study with an elderly Chinese Taoist acupuncturist, a 5th generation practitioner
  • NLP (while in grad school; however, a caveat: see note below!)
  • Ericksonian hypnosis (again, a caveat, see note below!)
  • breathwork (trained for 3 years with a master teacher at a yogic ashram) 
  • various methods of dowsing, especially "inner dowsing" for health-related issues and bodily and earth energies
  • energy-based allergy treatment systems
  • complex homeopathy with kinesiological diagnosis
  • training in non-hypnotic past-life regression 
  • created his own bio-energy system of directed energy healing in 1988 called "Transmutative Bioenergy System" or TBS
  • Gene Gendlin's Focusing
  • Gestalt therapy (a modern contact boundary evolution of the work of Fritz Perls)
  • training in facilitating the exit of possessing spirits and entities from the body/mind (three systems, all non-hypnotic)
  • training in chi kung energy healing
  • training in intuition and intuitive healing
  • training in heart-centered intuitive access
  • numerous courses in Sedona Method, a teaching of the work of Lester Levenson 
  • a weekend training in Manhattan with well-known energy healer Mitchell May
  • numerous graduate-level courses in Release Technique, a teaching in the tradition of Lester Levenson
  • working as an instructor and coach with numerous students in Release Technique

  • Background in Healing and Spiritual Traditions

    In the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s, while Vinny was in graduate school, he was guided to start a small energy-healing practice, largely in western Pennsylvania and southern New York State.  The work at this time was largely specific and very intentional and guided.  In other words, the work was often intended to address specific health problems or emotional issues, and often involved direct client contact, usually for the purposes of kinesiological testing or for “pulling” energy thru meridians and other points, while treating allergies, balancing energies, and shifting blocks.  The work sometimes involved teaching other practitioners various energy methods for dealing with problems and allergies.  Vinny eventually created his own energy-based system called Transmutational Bioenergy System (TBS), which he practiced and taught to other healers in the early 1990's.  He performed successful work with a number of clients until he was internally guided to temporarily cease all energy healing work in 1991 (he was guided to take a hiatus from all forms of energy healing, and was advised that he would eventually be guided to return to practice as a "spiritual healer", operating on a much different level [this did not happen until late 1999].)

    Vinny has also trained in conventional psychotherapy, and part of his major in graduate school was a clinical psychology program.  His graduate school training in psychotherapy included training in NLP (although he does not agree with most of the tenets or principles behind NLP and refuses to use it), in Ericksonian hypnosis (much as with NLP, Vinny does not agree with some of the tenets of this work, and does not employ it) and in modern Gestalt Therapy.  Vinny’s Master’s degree was awarded in 1992, in a broad interdisciplinary area including psychotherapy, wellness, exercise, longevity and research methods.  During the completion of his Master's degree program, Vinny received the revelation that while he was meant to have received training in various methods of psychotherapy, he was not meant to use it in practice with humans, but rather, would eventually be guided to offer a deeper form of "intervention".

    In the early 1990's, Vinny trained, for one year of a three-year graduate-level Master's degree program in acupuncture, at an acupuncture school on the East Coast which specialized in Worsley's 5-element tradition of acupuncture. At the conclusion of the first year of schooling, Vinny left the program due to the rather extreme expense.  In the subsequent two months after leaving acupuncture training, it was revealed to him on an inner level that while he had needed the afore-mentioned exposure to formal training in acupuncture and particularly the Worsley five elements tradition, he was not meant to work on people (or animals) with needles, nor even with talk psychotherapy (mentioned above), but rather would eventually be guided to offer another, more global means of intervention that was deeply rooted in spirit. In 1998, Vinny also took a brief training in New York City with well-known energy healer Mitchell May, whose work appears to be primarily spiritual and subtle-energy in nature. 

    Since 1995, Vinny has trained extensively in several heart-centered spiritual traditions, including the Heartmath work and the work of Lester Levenson (an American spiritual teacher, now deceased.)

    In 2001, during a sabbatical from the corporate/managerial world in which he had been immersed for eight years since finishing graduate school, Vinny was again guided internally by Spirit and his guides and angels to resume working with people and animals, but this time the guidance was unmistakable as to direction and style: the work was to be totally heart-centered, very broad and deep, and only on a spiritual level (some have called this "subtle energy healing" versus "energy healing", but Vinny prefers the term "spiritual healing".)  Thus, during a spiritual healing session there is usually no intention or attempt to heal, cure or “fix” any specific ”condition”, whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, but rather, a very easeful effort is made to enter a heart-centered spiritual “space” or “field” and to share some aspect of this Grace and Love with the client.  

    Since receiving this guidance in 2001, Vinny commenced slowly winding down several business involvements and commitments, and starting to again practice healing work, albeit on the more "refined" or "subtle" level of spiritual healing this time.  He found that this latest incarnation of the work felt like an evolution and a progression, and feels strongly that only this type of spiritual healing work is most congruent with his deep spiritual sense and his heart-centered approach to life and people.  However, despite the guidance he had received, he was reluctant, for many reasons, to try to start practicing this work nearly full-time. 


    Several times since receiving the inner guidance to start focusing more and more on spiritual healing work, Vinny tried to ignore the message, since the work ahead seemed somewhat more ambiguous and ill-defined than a number of his previous professions, and also held the possibility of lower income as well.  A primary concern was simply the pragmatic fact that such work might result in an income far lower than that to which he had become accustomed, and that he needed to meet financial commitments incurred during graduate school and subsequent training.  Instead, he tried to re-immerse himself again in his old corporate-type work (managing information systems (IS) projects for companies), but this time for companies offering spiritual products and self-help.  However, he was told on an inner level after several months in this field that the full-time work in the outside business world would need to wind down to make room for a renewed focus on spiritual healing.  Several times, Vinny tried to resist this message, if only for the sake of financial security and stability, but each time, jobs and projects ended rather abruptly, leaving him free to pursue the spiritual healing work. 

    Finally, Spirit told Vinny that he simply would not be allowed to work full-time in the business and managerial world anymore (where he had spent much of the previous eight years since graduate school.)  Indeed, by late 2001, Vinny found not only that he had lost interest in working in the business world, but that every possibility he explored would disappear.  Further, he was reminded every day by Spirit that it was time to transition more fully to inner and spiritual work -- work which would "make his heart sing".  Each day, his heart and Spirit reminded him that his true task, insecure and fanciful as it might seem, was to be transitioning to the role of a spiritual healer, coach and teacher.  Such was the forcefulness of the inner message that Vinny was even instructed to spend less time in his research laboratory, a work very dear to his heart, and even more time on developing his inner capability and spiritual healing practice.  Luckily, Vinny began receiving several confirmatory messages from the outside world which affirmed the new direction, including confirmation from several persons (intuitives, clairvoyants, healers) and events in his life that this was to be his new direction.

    Drawing on his previous training (both practical and academic, including graduate-level studies) over many years in the sciences and electronics, Vinny also spends a very small portion of his time in his privately-owned and operated non-profit research laboratory, performing research, much of it in the areas of the effects of deep heart-centered or healing states.  The primary focus of his research work is studying the physical effects of certain states which may be entered by a spiritual healer, heart-centered meditator, or mystic.  In brief, we know that many spiritual and energy healers, heart-centered meditators, and mystics, when they are in that "special" state of connectedness with God and Spirit, which we often call "increased coherence" or "high coherence", emit a field which affects many physical phenomena around them.  Some of the physical effects of the states which seem to occur near spiritual healers and heart-centered meditators during these inner states, and which Vinny has investigated, include:

    • changes in the resistance of water
    • changes in properties of water, such as water cluster size, water structure, or other properties
    • significant reduction in certain types of background ionizing radiation (alpha, beta and gamma radiation)
    • reductions in ionizing radiation from point sources such as radioactive mineral samples
    • strong increases in "coherence", and reduction of true chaos (randomness), in nearby electronic circuits, sensors, special sensing devices, and computers
    • notable decrease in entropy (noise, decay, chaotic decay of order to disorder) near the healer or meditator.  This is usually manifested as reduced noise or randomness, and this constitutes a violation of some of the "rules" of thermodynamics
    • an increase in the "coherence" of the heart rate variability (HRV) of the healer or meditator as well as of any other person within 12 feet. This is basically the appearance of a very rhythmic pattern of heart rate variability (HRV) which has healthful effects throughout the organism, and also often results in a sense of peace and vastly increased intuition or intuitive access.
    Vinny's research work has also involved the remote detection of the coherent heart signal from the human body without the use of wires or radio-frequency (RF) links, usually via the LF or ELF electrostatic or magnetic component of the heart signal.  He has also been involved in research on primitive hydrogen-based nutritional antioxidants found in nature in some water sources and in raw plant and animal foods.

    Some Thoughts From a Mystic and Intuitive on the
    Perceived Dangers of the CERN LHC

    Due to his having received a number of requests asking for his insights as a deep intuitive on the claims that operation of the CERN Linear Hadron Collider (LHC) could lead to the destruction of the earth or of the entire universe, Vinny has written a very short article offering his view as an intuitive on this matter. To see the article, please visit the page, entitled Some Thoughts from a Mystic and Intuitive on the Perceived Dangers of the CERN LHC Collider Project.


    Intent and Effects of the Work

    We assume that you have already read the introduction to Vinny's work on the home (main) page.  For a fuller explanation of the spiritual healing work which Vinny performs, and of the typical effects, please see the page on this site named Details of Vinny's Method & Work, and also the Frequently Asked Questions page as well.  However, it is possible to briefly address in an oversimplified manner the intention and effect of the work as follows:

    If there is a felt intention and a felt effect in Vinny's work as a spiritual healer, it is to bring greater ease and flow into the client’s life.  Some clients may report a decrease or shift in symptoms or problems.  Some may report more dramatic positive results.  Some clients report definite results, and others report none.  This is a very common result for spiritual healers and subtle energy healers.  Vinny does not guarantee any results.  He does not wish to persuade anyone to try his work.  Rather, he asks that anyone who is considering a session go to their heart and spirit and “know” from there whether this work is right for them at this time.

    For a Much Lighter View of Vinny

    See the Vinny Pinto Public Page at Facebook (aka Facebook "fan page"): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vinny-Pinto-Public-Page/284608972816/

    Threads social media page: @vinny.pinto.1   

    Bluesky Social page: vinnypinto.bsky.social

    and Blog page: http://vinnysreflections.blogspot.com/

    If you wish to learn more about his background and scientific R&D and consulting work, please feel free to visit his Biography page on his main website.

    See also the Frequently Asked Questions page on this website.

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