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Vinny Pinto is a remote (non-local) spiritual healer, also sometimes known as a metaphysical healer, esoteric healer or mystical healer. He is highly intuitive and offers heart-centered non-contact, non-local spiritual healing at a distance.

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photograph of Vinny, spiritual or metaphysicalVinny Pinto is a remote spiritual healer. Briefly, Vinny is not an energy healer of any kind -- he does not work with, nor use, any energies, lights, auric colors, vibrations, crystals or intent-based healing in his remote healing work, and instead he is a remote spiritual healer -- he has been given a special gift by Divinity wherein he serves as a window for Divinity into this world and also serves as a window for the flow of Divine grace and love into this world.

He offers non-contact, non-local remote spiritual healing at a distance (aka "distance spiritual healing"). His work is purely on a spiritual level, and does not involve "energies", although many authors freely intermix the two terms and types of non-local healing. Vinny feels that his healing is accomplished by "tuning in" to God/Being/Spirit on a very deep level, and allowing God/Being/Spirit to work with and through him via Grace and Love. 

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And Now, A Note About a "Freebie" Service for
Receiving Divine Love and Grace from Vinny

Vinny has been contacted repeatedly across the years since the year 2000 by persons who had visited his spiritual healing website and who did not necessarily want to request a remote spiritual healing from him at that time, or who perhaps felt that they could not afford the fees for a remote spiritual healing at that time, but they stated that they nonetheless wished that Vinny could, and would, consider offering some kind of low-cost or zero-cost way that they could more directly experience the flow of Divine love and grace that they sensed flowing through him. In fact, a number of those persons mentioned that they could feel the flow of Divine love and grace coming through the small photographs of Vinny found on his spiritual healing website, and they stated that they "wanted more".

As you likely already know from having read the main page on this spiritual healing website, Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for Divine love and grace, into this world. It is this flow of Divine love and grace that some people sense, and that led to the requests from visitors to Vinny's spiritual healing website that have been described above. Partially in response to those requests, as of early 2013, Vinny was guided by Divinity to create a page on his spiritual healing website that will feature a large and specially-blessed photograph of him. This specially-blessed photograph will allow those who wish to receive the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through him to connect and to receive this flow of love and grace, free of charge, whenever they choose to visit the page. If you are interested in being a recipient of this entirely free-of-charge flow of Divine love and grace, please feel free to visit the page by clicking here.

To Learn More About Services 
or Request Treatment

Vinny offers several levels and types of service, including:

  • Remote Spiritual Healing
  • Remote Spiritual Blessing 
  • Healer and Intuitive Empowerment and Potentiation
  • Spiritual Initiation
To learn more about services available, terms and rates, and/or to request healing or other services, please see the How to Request a Remote Spiritual Healing page.

This remote spiritual healing work is purely non-local work, always conducted as a remote healing session at a distance (aka distant spiritual healing). No physical contact is made with the client, and all work is done purely on a spiritual level, sometimes called the subtle energy level (some authors may call this level “subtle bio-energy” or "metaphysical".)  This healing method has, at times, been variously denoted by terms such as spiritual healing, subtle energy healing, metaphysical healing, faith healing, bio-energy healing, intuitive healing, and even psychic healing, although Vinny feels that some of these latter terms really cover a far wider or broader range of healing modalities than does the basic term "spiritual healing". Of all the possible descriptive terms, Vinny feels that he is best described as a remote spiritual healer, and that he has been given a gift to share with other beings. The term spiritual healer seems to best encompass the heart-centered sense of sharing love and Holy Spirit which takes place during this type of communion.

You probably have some questions about who Vinny is and what he does as a healer. If you would like answers to some of these questions, please feel free to read further on this page, and to click on some of the page links on the left which tell you more about Vinny's work. You may also wish to bookmark this page so that you may refer to it at a later date or send it to friends.

Vinny is a spiritual guide, teacher and a remote spiritual healer (please rest assured that Vinny is not a guru, does not claim to be a guru, and he neither condones nor recommends the whole circus involving gurus and their disciples and followers). While he is also a trained engineer and scientist with a graduate degree (Master's) in his field, Vinny is, first and foremost, a mystic. He has been a mystic since a very early age, and has had numerous enlightenment experiences across the years. He has lived his life in surrender to Divinity since 1997, and he was asked by Divinity in the year 2000 to start offering his services as a remote spiritual healer and spiritual coach/guide/teacher. Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for the flow of Divine love and grace, into this world.

Some Thoughts From a Mystic and Intuitive on the Perceived Dangers of the CERN LHC

Due to his having received a number of requests asking for his insights as a deep intuitive on the claims that operation of the CERN Linear Hadron Collider (LHC) could lead to the destruction of the earth or of the entire universe, Vinny has written a very short article offering his view as an intuitive on this matter. To see the article, please visit the page, entitled Some Thoughts from a Mystic and Intuitive on the Perceived Dangers of the CERN LHC Collider Project.


Vinny is only a remote spiritual healing practitioner, and never provides any medical advice, nor does he offer any diagnoses. Likewise, he does not need to know any diagnosis which a client has been given by conventional physical or behavioral healthcare providers. In this sense, he believes that his work differs substantially from that of some well-known energy or bio-energy healers such as Mietek Wirkus or Gene Egidio, and equally as radically from the work of "medical intuitives", such as Carolyn Myss or Mona Lisa Schulz. Rather, while Vinny is a powerful intuitive, as a remote spiritual healer he works in a much more subtle, broader and deeper sphere of influence, and only:
  • works at a very global level of the whole being

  • provides the ability to access deep resources

  • is never concerned about specific "illnesses" or "disorders"

  • is never concerned with organ or tissue dysfunctions

  • never uses medical terms or labels

and thus, the only question he may ask a client is about their goals for the work, and any major themes which continually challenge them in their lives.

Briefly -- How to Request Remote Healing

To learn more about services available, terms and rates, and/or to request healing or other services, please see the How to Request Remote Spiritual Healing page.

An Open Letter From My Heart to You About this Site 
and My Mission in Presenting this Site

March 2, 2003 (revised and updated on January 23, 2013)

Dear Visitor:

It is my simple intention to make this site available so that anyone who may need to know of it may stumble upon it. However, once you have discovered this site, it is simply my intent and mission to tell you a bit about what I offer and what I do. It is decidedly NOT my intent to convince you:
  • To do anything
  • To believe anything
  • To use any of my services
  • In other words, I am not trying to SELL you on my services, and rather, I prefer to simply offer information and allow you, using your inner guidance, to make your own choices
Let me repeat that last bullet item: This is not a sales or marketing website; you will find no words or fancy graphics urging you to buy anything, no glitzy sales pushes exhorting you to do anything.

So, you will find no "Order Now!" or "Buy Now!" or "Order Today Before Supplies Run Out!" exhortations on this website or in any of my other media materials, nor any declarations that my healing work will change your life, or any warnings that you "need" my healing work and that you cannot do without it!  I have no interest in convincing you to use my services. Rather, I prefer instead to sit back and offer this work only to folks who are deeply interested and who have researched this matter on their own, and who have checked in with their own wisdom, intuition and hearts.

I ask you, if you are considering approaching me to ask for a healing, to pause and first go deep into your heart and gut and ask yourself if I am really the right remote spiritual healer for you at this time.... It matters little if I have numerous degrees, nor if my resume looks good, nor if I claim to have been a meditator for a zillion years, nor if I claim to have had numerous enlightenment experiences, nor if I were to claim to have been a powerful healer or high priest/priestess in a prior lifetime... Rather, what matters is what your heart and gut say that is best for you at this time. Period! So, use caution, and do not let your mind drag you into something just because it sounds exciting or attractive. My own work is not at all glitzy or fancy or "exciting", nor is it full of New Age drama... I tend to abhor all those things....; even as I bless them, for I have no need to walk those paths!

Lastly, if you choose to take advantage of the $200 five minute chat via phone (see below) so that you may determine if working with me is a good fit at this time, I insist that before you call, you must first have read my website and understand my remote spiritual healing services. I will not allow callers to waste my time asking me exactly what I do, or how my remote spiritual healing work differs from energy healing.

Thank you.

with care and love,
Vinny Pinto

Why do you call this website the "Divine Heart" website instead of something more obvious, such as "Vinny-Spiritual-Healer.com" or "vinnypinto.com"?

I call this site "Divine Heart" rather than vinnypinto.com because I feel deeply that so much of the gift or talent which I am privileged to feel and share as a remote spiritual healer is truly an expression of Grace from Holy Spirit, also known as Divine Heart, Universal Heart, Supreme Heart, Heart of Spirit, Spiritual Heart, Sacred Heart and Heart of Hearts, and by a dozen other similar names in various spiritual and religious traditions -- all are an aspect of God or BeingThe site is so named as an acknowledgment of the source of this flow.


Vinny works with both humans and animals (pets, livestock and barnyard animals, and occasionally wild animals.)  

Healiing treatment is done from a space of a deep awareness of connectedness with God and Divine Heart, and is something which Vinny calls “sharing of the field of coherence”, a very heart-centered spiritual space. 

There is never any pressure to commit to further sessions. Some folks get adequate or even excellent results after only one treatment.

Vinny's work facilitates the client to shift, at a deep spiritual level, to a place which allows:
  • greater ease and flow in life as well as in body 
  • more juiciness and flow in inner and outer life
  • more "degrees of freedom" in life situations
  • greater sense of ease and well-being
  • greater acceptance of self and of body and mind
  • greater acceptance and compassion for any current physical or emotional traumas, conditions or dis-ease
  • deepening and integration of well-being and life purpose
  • greater fluidity in allowing body and mind to heal and shift
  • a larger or broader deep perspective on problems or "issues"
  • greater ability to accept and forgive
  • greater sense of acceptance and peace -- less of a sense of "fighting God", "being angry at God", or "resisting the world"
  • deeper connection with Being or Source (God, Divinity, Divine Heart, Holy Spirit)
Vinny is only a remote spiritual healer, and thus does not claim to heal or fix any particular condition, and he is not a medical practitioner or psychotherapist. He sees his work as compatible with any and all licensed and appropriate conventional and alternative modes of therapy. Vinny sees his remote spiritual healing work not as "alternative healing", but as complementary to any and all conventional or alternative healing methods. 

In other words, his work helps a person go "deeper" and to meet life's challenges with more ease, and is never intended to replace any conventional or alternative therapy. Vinny always encourages his clients, if they have been diagnosed with a serious behavioral or physical health disorder, to continue working with their licensed conventional or alternative practitioners. His only intent is to provide deep access to new levels of ease and flow for clients, and possibly deepen the client's access to inner resources, and not to "replace" any mode of therapy.

Vinny feels that his non-local healing work will equally help those persons:
  • who simply want to reach higher levels of ease, love and flow in life
  • who feel that they are highly intuitive or have healing abilities and wish to potentiate those abilities -- he calls this "healer and intuitive empowerment" 
  • who are highly functioning but operating at a high level of stress or facing great challenges
  • with no serious problems, but perhaps minor chronic discomforts
  • with diagnosable physical or behavioral health problems (emotional problems, etc.)
  • with addictions
  • who are facing serious illness or injury and want additional assistance in responding to this
  • those who already are intuitives or spiritual healers but want their abilities and access to inner worlds and God increased or potentiated -- Vinny calls this "healer and intuitive empowerment" and offers a special service detailed to this mission
Definition of this work: Vinny prefers to call this non-local healing work remote spiritual healing; it does involve the participation of angels as well. As noted before, many authors and practitioners may also call such work by terms such as faith healing, psychic healing, subtle energy healing, bioenergetic healing, or energy healing. However, Vinny chooses not to use most of these terms frequently because a number of these systems and practitioners may be referring to work directly with the energy centers of the body (also called "chakras"), with the energies of the acupuncture meridians or with the aura. Some may even refer to working with the physical body, such as muscles and joints. Further, many of these practitioners may work with modalities which require being in the same room with the client and touching them.

Indeed, many Chi Kung (also known as qigong, qi gong, or qi gung) healers and "chi" (qi or ki) healers, whether they touch the client or not, apparently do work on a relatively tangible level of sending, moving or manipulating "chi" energies to or within their client's bodies, and this work often seems to be directed at particular parts of the body, or at the energy meridians (as defined in acupuncture theory.)  For example, it appears that "chi" energy healers such as Dr. Kam Yuen, the martial arts grand master and famous healer, use a bio-energy to directly affect the body. Such healers often speak of streaming energy and of "fixing" various disorders or damaged tissues directly with their energy. Clairvoyants and sensitives have often reported seeing energy streaming from the bellies and fingertips of Chi Kung healers, as well as from healers from body-energy oriented systems such as Barbara Brennan's system, detailed in her book Hands of Light, and the healers themselves often seem to feel that this is the focus and means by which their work is accomplished. Their work is often very directed, and may be focused on a tumor, an injury, a damaged or diseased organ, or a particular chakra (an energy center). In Chinese metaphysical systems (acupuncture, etc.) as well as other Eastern systems, it is said that there are numerous types or levels of chi (qi or ki), and the estimates range from 33 to 300 different levels or degrees of "fineness" or "subtlety" of chi. Vinny believes that most Chi Kung healers and body-energy hands-on healers preferentially use not the global and very fine levels often called "spirit" (and often mediated by Holy Spirit), but rather somewhat more tangible and coarser levels of chi, as found in meridians and energy centers in the body -- these are often referred to as "energies". This discussion does not infer a flaw with these energy systems, but rather draws a distinction between those energy-based systems and spiritual healing. There are many fine and gifted practitioners in those hands-on and near hands-on systems. However, this exploration illustrates one difference when comparing Chi Kung healing, energy healing and bioenergetic healing with Vinny's remote spiritual healing method.

It must be stressed that, when working as a remote spiritual healer, Vinny has no sensation of sending energy, moving energy, or of donating energy to a client's energy field, although there is often a sensation of sharing love and peace, and of love streaming from the heart center to the client. It feels primarily like a sharing of the love of God or Holy Spirit with the client. Vinny feels that the "love" energy is not coming from him, but rather through him, from God or Holy Spirit (some call this "Being".)  This fact has been confirmed repeatedly by intuitives and clairvoyants; all report that Vinny does not use or move energies in his work. In contrast to some of the systems and practitioners described above, Vinny's work is purely on a spiritual level, also known as the God or Being level, and one which is totally heart-centered. Several intuitives have described the sense that Presence seems to come through Vinny's heart area when he is working with a client. This healing work is seen as a sharing of a certain kind of Grace and Divine flow so that the client's body and mind may align to that same "frequency" of grace which is ever-present in God's universe. This work does not directly address any specific physical or emotional condition, nor does it directly address the energy centers, chakras, acupuncture meridians, or aura. However, since all of these phenomena are facets of the body/mind, each and every one of these aspects may be affected by the healing and influx of Grace love from Holy Spirit. Likewise, Vinny's remote spiritual healing method never involves physical contact with human clients -- such contact is simply not needed, and might accidentally lead to the impression that he is targeting specific physical conditions. Vinny believes that such impressions or beliefs can actually impede or interfere with true deep healing at the spiritual level of divine heart. As a remote spiritual healer, Vinny feels that Holy Spirit or Being (God, Divinity, Source, Divine Heart) knows best what needs to shift or heal, and when. 

Some clients report definite and strong results, some moderate results, and others report none. Such a result spectrum is very common for both spiritual and subtle energy healers. Vinny does not guarantee any results -- such would be unethical. 



Question: How Do I Know if I Should Request a Session? Vinny is very committed to allowing and helping people to become self-empowered and make their own decisions. He does not wish to persuade anyone to try his remote spiritual healing work. Rather, he asks, if you are considering a session, that you shift your attention to your heart and gut (a doorway to Spirit) and “know” from there whether work with him is right for you at this time. If such a sign or feeling is present, then you may wish to call (see note below) or send in a healing request.

A Note from Vinny:
If you have decided to request a remote spiritual healing, you may find instructions on how to do so on the following page on this site: How to Request a Healing. However, before you decide whether to ask for a remote spiritual healing, I strongly urge you to be sure that it is not simply your mind that wants to ask for the healing service, and rather, I ask that you check with your Heart and inner guidance/intuition to determine whether this is really the right time and place to ask me for a remote spiritual healing (or other related service).

After having done this, if you still have questions about my work, or questions about whether this is the right time to ask me for remote spiritual healing, and if you wish to speak with me for about five minutes to discuss the matter further, you may use the link below to prepay $200 for a five-minute chat with me to discuss any of your questions or concerns. Please understand that this $200 payment for a 5 minute chat where you can ask me questions about my work is not a payment for a "mini-healing", nor for a mini/quick intuitive reading, but rather, it gives you a chance to hear my voice and to ask me any questions about my work so that you can better decide whether you wish to request a remote spiritual healing at this time.

Once I have received the cleared funds for the five-minute consultation, you are then free to call me using my phone number (listed on this site). Please be advised that all such brief consulting chats must be prepaid, and the prepaid fee for the consultation/chat, while it may be used at any time over the next 12 months once it has been paid, is non-refundable and non-returnable, even if you do not call or if the call should end before the full five minute period has been completely used.

Click here to make a $200 payment for a five-minute chat and to see a list of accepted payment methods. (This link to the relevant payment page on my main directory website opens in a new browser tab.)
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