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Q&A page. Vinny Pinto is a remote spiritual healer. He is highly intuitive and offers non-contact, nonlocal spiritual healing at a distance.

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Commonly Asked Questions, and Answers

Q: Why do you call this website the "Divine Heart" website instead of something more obvious, such as "Spiritual-Healer-Vinny" or "vinnypinto.com"?

A: Vinny calls this site "Divine Heart" because he feels deeply that so much of the gift or talent of remote spiritual healing which he is privileged to feel and share is truly an expression of Holy Spirit, also known as "Divine Heart", "Universal Heart", "Supreme Heart", "Heart of Spirit", "Spiritual Heart" and "Heart of Hearts", and by a dozen other similar names in various traditions.  The site is so named as an acknowledgment of the source of this flow.

Q: How much do you charge for a session?

A: Please see the How to Request Healing page!

Q: How Do I Know if I Should Request a Session?

A: As a remote spiritual healer, Vinny is very committed to allowing and helping people to become self-empowered and make their own decisions.  He does not wish to persuade anyone to try his remote spiritual healing work.  Rather, he asks that anyone who is considering a session go to their heart and spirit and “know” from there whether this work is right for them at this time. 
Vinny suggests that you shift your attention to your physical heart or gut center and check for a feeling of sureness that you want to work with him at this time. If such a signal is present, then you may wish to call (see note below), and if not present, he suggests that you look elsewhere. 

If you are looking for a healer, and are not feeling moved to see Vinny at this time, you may wish to consider working with Pam Clements, a remote energy healer who resides in western Michigan. Pam is one of the very few energy healers Vinny recommends; you may click here to visit her web page

Q: Why doesn’t Vinny try to heal or “fix” specific conditions?

A: There are several reasons why Vinny does not try to address specific health, mental, emotional or spiritual “problems”.  First, he is not a doctor or medical practitioner, but rather a remote spiritual healer.  He has no desire to “fix” or “repair” anyone mechanically.  There are plenty of practitioners who do that well.  Next, we feel that to have a specific intention to “fix” or “cure” a specific condition would be to violate the very basis of the spiritual covenant in which we enter this spiritual healing work.  We feel that any problem or symptom in life has a reason and a function, and that there is some component of the person, whether it be in mind, spirit, body, or even old unconscious programming, which still needs the symptom. So, from Vinny's point of view, the most easeful thing to do in all situations is to simply share with the client his presence in a particular heart-centered state of being, allowing their organism to “taste” or “remember” those frequencies of grace.  We trust that the client may then heal, shift or transmute their own “conditions” from a very deep level in spirit.

Q: But why isn’t Vinny more aggressive about wanting to fix or change illnesses or people? 

A: He vastly prefers to accept and love all beings exactly as they are.  Vinny finds this far more easeful, both for them and for him!  At this stage of his life, in his fiftieth year on earth when this was written, Vinny feels it would be arrogant to decide that the world needs his meddling or change efforts, or that it needs anything other than the love and grace which he can radiate from God and Holy Spirit (being). Further, as a remote spiritual healer, any intention to "fix" people or the world would feel counter-productive. 

We recently heard a quote with which we strongly agree.  A friend who is studying personal coaching with Thomas Leonard, the founder of modern personal coaching and the creator of "Coach University" related something which Thomas Leonard recently said to a class of student coaches.  He said (apologies for any accidental paraphrasing):

"I've never met someone who said that they want to make a difference who was easy to be around." 

Somehow inherent in the view that one “has a mission” or “must make a difference” is a rigidity, a driven-ness, and the arrogant assumption that something or someone is broken and it is one’s mission to fix it or them.  Vinny cannot assume that.  Rather, he chooses to remain in heart and spirit, and he loves and appreciates the world and people exactly as they are (yes, of course his mind gets cranky and critical at times!).

Q: Well, then, why does Vinny do this work?

A: Vinny offers this remote spiritual healing work not from a place of wanting to change or fix anyone or anything, but to share the amazing field of grace and love which he has been privileged to taste and feel.  He trusts that Spirit will do the rest. 

Vinny says: "I offer this work as a remote spiritual healer only because I am moved powerfully from within to share this.  I have no idea what will come of any particular session, beyond the trust that it will be in the best interests of all, and based in love, heart and spirit.  I sometimes call it “sharing the Holy Spirit”.  The scientific side of my mind calls this state 'sharing the field of coherence'. "

Q: Why doesn’t Vinny touch people during spiritual healing sessions? 

A: It is simply not necessary, and worse, it might give the impression that he his trying to “fix” or “cure” something.  Rather, as a remote spiritual healer, he chooses to share a particular healing and easeful field of grace from Holy Spirit.  Lastly, he feels that touching clients is the province of doctors and massage practitioners.  In some states, it is illegal to touch a client unless the practitioner is licensed.  Such is not his work.

Q: Does Vinny send energy from his body or self into clients?

A: No, unlike some energy healers and even some other spiritual healers, he does not send energies into the client from himself.  Rather, he enters a state of attunement with Holy Spirit and Divine Heart, and asks Holy Spirit to envelop the client in grace, which is a kind of subtle energy or field which envelops the client as well as himself, even if the client is 6,000 miles away. So, yes, there may be a small degree of subtle energies and fields involved, but he does not send them into clients himself.  Rather, they come from Holy Spirit and Divine Heart.  He does often feel love streaming from the heart center to the client with whom he his working. 

Vinny has indeed trained in the past in systems (such as Reiki-type systems Chi Kung healing, some styles of acupuncture, and also Body Electronics) which involved sending energy into the client, or deliberately moving energy in their fields.  However, as a remote spiritual healer, he has been strongly guided by Holy Spirit and Divine Heart to leave that work behind as belonging to an "earlier stage".

Q: Does Vinny's work have anything to do with spiritualism? 

A: No, it does not. The word "spiritualism", as used nowadays, usually refers to folks who sit in a room and talk with ghosts and other entities on the astral plane via seances, ouija boards or channeling.  Vinny's work does not involve working with any of these things, and simply treats any or all astral plane phenomena as projections or creations of the mind, versus anything which is truly connected with the unity or oneness of Holy Spirit or Divine Heart.

Q: Is a live, in-person spiritual healing session more effective than a remote session? 

A: Not at all, and, for many reasons, Vinny only offers remote healing sessions.  This work is based entirely on non-local remote spiritual healing (also known as distant spiritual healing), and it works as well at 10,000 miles as at six feet.

Q: Does Vinny work on animals? 

A: Yes! 

Q: Is this spiritual work more effective than the focused energy healing Vinny once did? 

A: Vinny feels that it is, for him.  It is broader, gentler, and addresses the person on a far deeper spiritual level, giving them absolute choice over whether to allow a particular pattern to release or shift. It summons a deeper connectedness with God, Spirit and life.

Q: Must I keep seeing my health care providers? 

A: If you are currently diagnosed as ill, we assume that you are seeing a licensed health care practitioner and following their instructions.  Vinny's work fully supports all health care measures, whether conventional or alternative.  He insists that you continue working with your licensed healthcare provider.

Q: Is Vinny perfectly healthy himself? 

A: No, he does not claim to be!  Vinny has had his share of problems and illnesses, and they have helped to shape and guide him into the heart and spirit-centered work, and lead him away from a life which was more physically-oriented. Indeed, working with many of these problems shaped him into his current role of working as a remote spiritual healer.

Q: Will Vinny want me to eat any special kind of diet? 

A: No.  Vinny personally eats a largely raw diet (known as a raw Paleolithic diet) himself, but does not preach or proselytize.

Q: Must I have a number of sessions? Does Vinny ask me to commit to a bunch of sessions? 

A: Emphatically, no!  He feels that some folks get great benefit from one treatment, and some folks may choose to have 3 or 4 sessions.  Many spiritual healers seem to feel that the most magical things often happen after the second or third session, but they may happen after only one session as well.  There is never any pressure to commit to additional sessions.  All focus is on the now.  

Q: What will I need to do during the remote spiritual healing treatment?

A: There is nothing that you need to do during Vinny's healing treatment, and in fact, you will never know the exact timing of any of his general healing sessions (that is, those 20-times-daily general healing and Divine love and grace meditations which include all of Vinny's healing clients at that time) nor of the one or more individual healing treatments which he performs for you, and for the following reasons: All of his healing work is done on a remote healing (aka distant healing or absent healing) basis only, and never in person. So, all of his healing work is only done at a distance, and thus there is no need for the client to know the exact timing. 

Please bear in mind that the only healing service which Vinny offers is remote spiritual healing, and, as such, remote spiritual healing does not involve sending light, colors, intent or energies, nor does it involve trying to fix anything, and thus it is very different from energy healing, from chi kung (aka qi gung) healing, from hands-on healing, and from shamanic healing. Since his work involves only going into a deep state of love and grace and peace and surrendering any and all concerns of the client to Supreme Heart and Holy Spirit, there is no need for the client to be doing anything special during his sessions (whether they be general healing sessions or an individual healing treatment session), such as sitting still or lying down, or meditating. Rather, it does not matter at all what the client is doing at the time at which Vinny renders the remote spiritual healing treatment sessions. 

Since this is spiritual healing, Vinny's healing services on behalf of a client are not measured in terms of length of time a healing session lasts, and his healing treatment sessions are not performed upon demand at a specific time.  

Thus, in line with the above points, the client will likely never know exactly when any of these treatment sessions, whether general or individual, are rendered, as the timing is entirely up to Supreme Heart, and there is no need for the client to be doing anything special at the time of any of the sessions. Likewise, there is also NO possibility for Vinny to be on the telephone with a client during these sessions, as the sessions are performed only in a deep loving meditative state, and this precludes talking on the telephone!

Briefly -- How to Request Remote Healing

To learn more about services available, terms and rates, and/or to request healing or other services, please see the How to Request Remote Spiritual Healing page.

Q: Will I feel great during the treatment? How about right after?

A: Vinny's own experience with his work and that of other spiritual healers and energy healers is that you may feel wonderful during a treatment and afterward. However, in common with much spiritual healing work, his experience is that most clients may not notice any particular inner feelings during the treatment. And, in any case, the simple fact is that you, as the client, will never know the exact timing of any of his healing sessions, for the reasons iterated above and elsewhere on this website.

Q: How should I deal with any old stuff which surfaces during or after the remote spiritual healing session?

A: That is your choice.  Vinny asks you to try being with the "stuff", if any, in a loving and allowing way, without judging, attacking, or criticizing, and with compassion and love.  His experience, and that of many others, is that when we stay with these feelings and memories in a loving way, without running off into a thousand thoughts or mental pictures, they shift and transmute, or dissolve.

Q: I am a Christian; is your work okay for me?

A: Yes, from our point of view.  This work does not involve working with spirits or entities, but only with the divine Holy Spirit, divine heart, and God.  A number of Vinny's clients have been devoted Christians; others have been agnostics, or belonged to the Judaic, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or other faiths. There is only one God, sometimes called by different names by various religions and people. Any differences are due to faulty interpretations by various religions and people involved, and not due to God. Vinny's own work embraces Divine Heart Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and does incorporate angels.  Ultimately, he feel that you must ask your own heart and spirit which methods or practitioners to work with.

Q: Where do you hold sessions?

A: All of Vinny's remote spiritual healing services are offered only as remote healing, aka distant healing or absent healing, and Vinny never offers live, in-person sessions. Thus, since he only performs remote spiritual healing at a distance you usually won't even be aware of the date or time he includes you in a healing session, nor is there any particular place that he needs to be while performing the treatment, nor is there any particular place where you need to be while Vinny is performing his daily healing sessions.

Q: Does Vinny ever encounter possessing entities in clients? 

A: Occasionally, yes, but this is not a large part of his work, nor a primary focus.  Vinny says: "The more I work on inner levels, and the more I practice, I seem to learn that as we allow more and more love and light into our lives, minds and bodies, any entities will gradually leave or even dissolve as a matter of natural progression.  When such entities are encountered, this is not something to build into a “big deal”. I almost always choose to ignore them unless a client insists that we look at the entity.  I feel that most entities do not pose an "emergency", and will leave or dissolve in the natural course of things as a person opens to more love and grace."

In any case, please note that one effect of each of the levels of healing treatments Vinny offers is a clearing of the client's energy body of any possessing or invading entities and stuck negative feelings, thought forms and patterns (unless the client's conscious or subconscious mind is trying to actively hold on to them, as free will is never violated.)  This is sometimes called chakra clearing, aura cleaning, aura clearing, or aura cleansing.  The removal of possessing entities or spirits is sometimes called entity depossession, entity removal, spirit depossession, or exorcism; there is no force or hypnotism used in the heart-centered method employed by Vinny, but only Love and Grace, with angelic assistance and guidance. 

Vinny has never yet encountered an entity who was truly evil, but rather each has been a misguided or lost being or soul fragment who entered the person at some time.  He does not believe in forcibly “evicting” or exorcising such entities, but rather approaching them in love and kindness, and helping them to leave and go the where they best belong.  Vinny feels nothing in common with the traditions of forcible exorcism of entities.  He has trained in several traditions that facilitate gently helping possessing entities to leave the body/mind.  All are gentle, compassionate, heart-centered, non-invasive and non-violent methods, done with love.  However, he almost never feels a need to employ those methods anymore, as he feels very secure in the global remote spiritual work which he currently practices, as well as the angels which work with him, and trusts this process.

Q: Are all sessions totally private? 

A: Yes, all sessions are totally private and confidential.

Q: Also, does Vinny work or do healings on people who believe that they are victims of a brain implant?

A: Yes, he is willing to offer you remote spiritual healing if you should choose to ask for it via a handwritten request (sent via postal mail addressed in handwriting) and it is fine if one of your concerns is brain implants or alien implants.

Q: Does Vinny work or do healings on people who believe that they are victims of sorcery done by a powerful master sorcerer who they say is an evil black magic priest? 

A: Yes, he is willing to offer you remote spiritual healing if you should choose to ask for it via a handwritten request (sent via postal mail, as per the instructions on the How to Request a Healing page) and it is fine if one of your concerns is a spell or spells or a curse rendered by a sorcerer or black magician.

Q: Does Vinny work or do healings on people who believe that they are possessed by possessing entities and this is causing problems?

A: Yes, he is willing to offer you remote spiritual healing if you should choose to ask for it via a handwritten request (sent via postal mail, as per the instructions on the How to Request a Healing page) and it is fine if one of your concerns is possessing or attaching entities or invading spirits.

And Now, A Note About a "Freebie" Service for
Receiving Divine Love and Grace from Vinny

Vinny has been contacted repeatedly across the years since the year 2000 by persons who had visited his spiritual healing website and who did not necessarily want to request a remote spiritual healing from him at that time, or who perhaps felt that they could not afford the fees for a remote spiritual healing at that time, but they stated that they nonetheless wished that Vinny could, and would, consider offering some kind of low-cost or zero-cost way that they could more directly experience the flow of Divine love and grace that they sensed flowing through him. In fact, a number of those persons mentioned that they could feel the flow of Divine love and grace coming through the small photographs of Vinny found on his spiritual healing website, and they stated that they "wanted more".

As you likely already know from having read the main page on this spiritual healing website, Vinny has been given a gift from Divinity whereby he serves as a window for Divinity, and for Divine love and grace, into this world. It is this flow of Divine love and grace that some people sense, and that led to the requests from visitors to Vinny's spiritual healing website that have been described above. Partially in response to those requests, as of early 2013, Vinny was guided by Divinity to create a page on his spiritual healing website that will feature a large and specially-blessed photograph of him. This specially-blessed photograph will allow those who wish to receive the flow of Divine love and grace that flows through him to connect and to receive this flow of love and grace, free of charge, whenever they choose to visit the page. If you are interested in being a recipient of this entirely free-of-charge flow of Divine love and grace, please feel free to visit the page by clicking here.

A Note From Vinny:
If you have decided to request a remote spiritual healing (or, if you have had at least one remote spiritual healing from me already, to ask for spiritual coaching services), you may find instructions on how to do so on the following page on this site: How to Request a Healing. However, before you decide whether to ask for a remote spiritual healing (or, far more rarely, for spiritual coaching), I strongly urge you to be sure that it is not simply your mind that wants to ask for the healing service, and rather, I ask that you check with your Heart and inner guidance/intuition to determine whether this is really the right time and place to ask me for a remote spiritual healing (or other related service).

After having done this, if you still have questions about my work, or questions about whether this is the right time to ask me for remote spiritual healing, and if you wish to speak with me for about five minutes to discuss the matter further, you may use the link below to prepay $200 for a five-minute chat with me to discuss any of your questions or concerns. Please understand that this $200 payment for a 5 minute chat where you can ask me questions about my work is not a payment for a "mini-healing", nor for a mini/quick intuitive reading, but rather, it gives you a chance to hear my voice and to ask me any questions about my work so that you can better decide whether you wish to request a remote spiritual healing at this time.

Once I have received the cleared funds for the five-minute consultation, you are then free to call me using my phone number (listed on this site). Please be advised that all such brief consulting chats must be prepaid, and the prepaid fee for the consultation/chat, while it may be used at any time over the next 12 months once it has been paid, is non-refundable and non-returnable, even if you do not call or if the call should end before the full five minute period has been completely used.

Click here to make a $200 payment for a five-minute chat and to see a list of accepted payment methods. (This link opens in a new browser tab.)

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