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Spiritual Blessing Trips:
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Spiritual Visits w/Vinny During His Trips

Terms and Conditions for Applying for a Reduced-Rate Sliding-Scale Fee-Based One-Hour Darshan Spiritual Visit with Me (Vinny) During a Spiritual Blessing Trip
I am offering a formal process via which any sincere low-income person who has a serious spiritual interest may apply for a reduced-fee sliding-scale fee-based darshan-like spiritual visit with me while I am in a designated city or region on one of my Spiritual Blessing trips. I have listed some basic information along with terms and conditions below:

  • All applicants must have a strong and sincere interest in spiritual opening/deepening.

  • With only a very few exceptions (and those persons know who they are), all applicants for a reduced-fee sliding-scale fee-based darshan-like spiritual visit with me during a specific Spiritual Blessing trip (or other venue) must, if they wish to be considered, submit an application to me via an email sent to my private email address , and that application email, which should be written clearly and should be informative, should bear a salutation at the top of the message and a full signature-type line at the closing of the message, and the text in the body of the email must contain a copied-and-pasted copy of the application form that I will reproduce below this section, replete with answers. The application form must be copied and pasted into the application email, and all relevant questions must be answered. Incomplete applications will be ignored, as will applications lacking clear and informative answers.

  • In all cases, if an application is approved/accepted (and let me remind you that all such decisions are entirely made by Divinity), the entire transaction and meeting are subject to all of the terms, conditions and rules outlined in the How to Spend Darshan Time (Spiritual Visits) with Me During a Spritual Blessing Trip section of my Spiritual Blessing Trips webpage.

  • In all cases, as is also true of all of the other categories of fee-based darshan-like meetings with me, if an applicant is accepted, the acceptance extends to the applicant alone, and to no one else. In other words, only the applicant, if their application has been accepted and approved, will be allowed to meet with me (Vinny) privately for a darshan-like meeting during my stay in the specified city/region.

  • In almost all cases, if an application has been accepted, and once the applicant has sent at least the minimum sliding-scale fee specified in my acceptance email well in advance of the planned meeting, the darshan-like spiritual meeting with me will be for a duration of about one hour; in some rare cases, the duration of the spiritual meeting may be 30 minutes; the approximate time granted by Divinity will be specified in the acceptance email if it is significantly less than one hour. 

  • As is true with all other levels of the fee-based darshan-like time program, if an application for the reduced-rate sliding-scale fee has been accepted, the applicant must send at least the sliding-scale reduced fee specified in the acceptance email well in advance of the planned meeting.

  • Approved reduced-rate sliding-scale applicants who have prepaid at least the specified fee will be allowed to spend up to one hour of time with me, arranged for mutual convenience, during my stay in the designated city or region. This time may be spent sitting somewhere (including a park, or a restaurant, etc.), or taking a walk, or talking, or having a meal together (the applicant pays all meal charges for both parties; this is in addition to the fee that was sent earlier). The applicant, of course, is responsible for all of their own expenses and transportation, lodging, meals and all other expenses attendant to any travel they might make, and will be expected to be willing and able to meet me at mutually-acceptable sites that are convenient to me, often sites located not far from my hotel.

  • Please understand that all final decisions as to whether an applicant's reduced-rate sliding-scale application is accepted are made by Divinity. In general, speaking from my past experience with having offered such reduced-rate fee options on a much more casual and informal basis, I can tell you that about one in ten applicants are accepted.

  • If an application for a reduced-rate sliding-scale fee-based darshan-like meeting with me is declined (and remember, on average, 9 out of 10 are declined), then the applicant is welcome to apply for permission to engage in one of the full-rate fee-based darshan-like meetings with me (for general information, about 80% of such applications are usually accepted).

The Copy-and-Paste Application for a Reduced-Fee Sliding-Scale Darshan Time (Spiritual Visit) with Me
Please copy and paste the entire application below by copying all text between the two double-dashed lines below into your application email, and then answering the questions. You will likely be unable to complete the application on a smartphone, and rather, will likely need to use an email client on a desktop PC or laptop PC, or perhaps on a tablet PC. Your application email should include not only the application below, along with your answers, but should also include a salutation, a note of introduction, and a full signature-type line at the end of the message. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Send your application email via private email to email address with the Subject line reading: Application for Reduced-Rate Sliding-Scale Darshan-like Visit.
  • Your application email should include not only the application below, along with your answers, but should also include a salutation, a note of introduction, and a full signature-type line at the end of the email.
  • Please copy and paste the entire application below (that is, all of the text between the double-dashed lines below this paragraph) into your application email, along with your replies.


Application for a Reduced-Fee Sliding-Scale Darshan Time (Spiritual Visit) with Me (Vinny)

Questions (please provide answers to each question by typing your answer below the question):

What is your full name?

Is there any other name or nickname by which I (Vinny) might know you from email list groups or other venues?

In what town/city do you live?

Unless I (Vinny) already know you well, please take some time to introduce yourself below.

Please provide links below to at least two of your social media pages that contain significant relevant information about you and your life, and that also contains at least one photograph of you; links to more than two such pages is preferable. Please be sure that your privacy permissions have been set so that I will easily be able to view the information and photographs on your social media pages.

Unless you covered this matter in the above answer, please tell me a bit about your spiritual interests, pursuits and practice.

What is the name of the city that I will be visiting for a Spiritual Blessing trip where you wish to meet with me for the reduced-fee darshan-like meeting? (It is assumed that you already know the date span of the trip from my earlier announcements.)

Why do you wish to have a private darshan-like meeting with me during my visit to the region/city specified above?

If your application for the darshan-like meeting is approved, and once you have prepaid the fee, the meeting with me will be private; this means that you cannot bring along other persons for the meeting unless that has been arranged/approved in advance with me. Do you understand this?

Have you read, and do you accept, the terms and conditions for all darshan-like meetings with me at
http://divine-heart.org/sliding-scale.html, and in the fee-based darshan-like meetings section of my Spiritual Blessing Trips page (at http://divine-heart.org/flowing-grace-trips.html#perks)?

Do you also understand that there are no refunds possible for any amounts paid, regardless of whether you show up for the scheduled spiritual visit with me?

Why do you feel that it is necessary for you to apply for a reduced-fee sliding-scale fee for this darshan-like meeting (most meetings will be for about one hour; a few may be for 30 minutes; such exceptions would be noted in any acceptance email) with me, rather than paying the full fee for a one hour meeting, given that these fees support the work that Divinity asks me to perform in this world? Please provide sufficient details about your financial situation.

For the approximately one hour reduced-rate sliding-scale darshan-like meeting that you are requesting with me, what is the amount (in US dollars) of the prepaid fee that you are offering to send?
(Please remember that all fees will be prepaid in full.) Please be advised that the lowest amount that you may offer, barring extremely exceptional circumstances, is $120 USD. Please state the minimum amount that you are offering below.

Is there anything else that you wish to share with me? Please do so below:



Please send your completed application via email to me at email address.

Unless guided otherwise by Divinity, I will usually reply to your email application within 3 days of having received it, and my reply will almost always contain the answer from Divinity regarding your request. If your request for a reduced-rate darsahn-like meeting is approved, then you will be advised of the exact sliding-scale fee specified by Divinity. In many cases, this will be the exact reduced-fee amount that you offered in your application; in some cases, it may be somewhat more.

If your application is approved, then if you wish to proceed, the next step would be for you to prepay, well in advance of my spiritual trip, the specified fee in full by sending the funds via any method listed on the Payments page on my website.

Thanks! ...and enjoy!

with care,

Email: email address

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